Margariita says:
They call me Margarita. Who am I? I'm not sure. I carry my notebook almost everywhere I go, one day I lost my notebook and I went insane full of emotions and thoughts in my cortex for one month until I found it in my locker. I felt like a part of me was back again. Weird eh?
Kate says:
Hewwo ppl! (As you can see this is KATE)This might all be very confusing but ill explain it to the very *smart* and interested ppl. Me and Maggs share this account. We are very strange but Margarita is way more strange than me!!(shes fake crying rite noww and im laughing very hard!) We first met in grade 4/5 ( i was gr4 she was gr5) I came from Russia and she came from Germany. We first didnt like eachother that much but after a while we got to know eachother. We are now gr7/8 and both 13. Im single and loving it but not tooooo afraid to luvv <33 So if u wanna no more call/contact me (i AM a virgin and no1 is gonna take that from me except that special sum1! Hoping its you? Well 2 bad bcuz i dun date on the enternet!!!) Anywayss that doesnt mean you cant be a gaian bf!!!! <333 (Im not a lesbian so sorry girls )

Hey ppl Kate and Maggie officially watched 300 XD its rated 18A MWAHHAHAHAHA i liked it even though it was very stupid at parts (Kate)

Awsum ppl who ROCKK MAH SOXXXX
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:'( i need money like always lmao

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wow i havent played for ever!

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Arize Sagara

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Arize Sagara

eh im a little bored

all im doing is posting on the forums, listening to music, and drinking coffee

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[v] a n e e.

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[v] a n e e.

can you give it to me at the end of this month then...?

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