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Report | 02/12/2014 11:47 am


Thank you for everything you've done for us over the years.
You will be sorely missed heart
We hope that your plans go better than you ever expected! biggrin
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Report | 02/12/2014 11:40 am


I'm sure your new job will appreciate your talents and skills and Gaia will miss you greatly!! Sending love to you and your family including your adorable corgi!! Best Wishes to all of you!! emotion_bigheart
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Report | 02/12/2014 11:40 am


Good Luck on your new Endevours Uncle Kenny. I'm sad your leaving us but I hope your new position is great and gives you what your looking for.Good Luck on Everything Uncle Kenny and Thank you for all you've done for gaia!
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Report | 02/12/2014 11:24 am


You'll be greatly missed, Uncle Kenny! Thank you for all you have done for Gaia over the years! I really wish you would stay, it won't be the same without you!
Best of luck with your new job! I hope that both you and your wife will find happiness and success on your new adventures!
Take care man!
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Report | 02/12/2014 11:15 am


You will be missed, Uncle Kenny. sad You were one of the only developers who still made the users feel like they were special. You are truly an awesome person, and I am really sad to see you go. I know almost all of Gaia feels the same way. I hope you enjoy your new job though! (: I hope you are able to do amazing things for them like you did for Gaia. Have fun!
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Report | 02/12/2014 11:15 am


//Sobs like a retarded walrus
I am going to miss having you do
our kick-a** events! Be safe mate
and I'm happy to know you'll at least
stick around to chat.
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Report | 02/12/2014 11:08 am

Jayce Reinhardt

*Incoherently sobbing* You leave shoes that will be real damn tough to fill, Kenny.
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Report | 02/10/2014 3:40 pm


could you update your journal?
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Report | 02/08/2014 11:10 pm

Captain Xeno

I didn't get any notifications, but my issue is fixed! If it was you or somebody from your department, Thank you so much! And congratulations on your engagement! I wish the two of you the best!
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Report | 02/07/2014 8:22 pm

Captain Xeno

Sorry, but I'm unable to access any World or Game servers, such as Towns or zOMG. And it doesn't even matter what computer I use. I always end up seeing a quarter of the loading screen for any world server I try to get into. I didn't recieve any notification that I'd been banned from the servers, either. Is there something wrong with my account? Could my avatar be stuck in a loop hole in the system or something? Please, I need help with this!
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Report | 02/07/2014 3:41 pm

Euphonious Cantabile

Hey Kenny! Got any info on how Loyal's shop and/or the inventory arranger are coming along? :3
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Report | 01/30/2014 3:08 pm


So the MC recolor release has me concerned. Has the Loyalty Shop been canned already in favor of releasing MC recolors as Cash/Chance Items?
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Report | 01/29/2014 5:14 pm


Hi Kenny! Are we having a Valentine's Day event this year? if we are - any hints you can give out? ninja
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Report | 01/26/2014 9:49 pm

Inamori Kanako

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Report | 01/20/2014 3:17 pm


Hello, I noticed you're one of the few staff actually active on the forums, and thought you'd be the best person to ask a quick question.
Who is the best staff member to get in touch with if we have a serious concern about the site? I know the Site Feedback forum is supposed to be the way we voice them, but it doesn't seem like staff is there anymore... Or.. anywhere, really. I know a lot of the old staff is gone, but it would be nice to be able to talk about the site with those that are still here.
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Report | 01/17/2014 1:53 pm


Hey thanks for updating the xmas achievement image! whee Have a great weekend~
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Report | 01/16/2014 1:52 pm

Misfortuned Checkmate

Hiya Uncle Kenny! biggrin
I sent you a PM about this about a couple of days ago, but seems like you were busy... Thought I'd repost it here! sweatdrop
Sorry to bother you, but I'm having a problem with my friend's Fallen Quest Formula/wings... sweatdrop

I just crafted the 4th formula recently that would grant me the 5th formula (Cinque), but I didn't receive the wings, just the 5th stage formula. ^^;

Screen-shot before crafting Quattro (4th stage)
Screenshot after crafting Quattro (4th stage)
Screenshot of what it looks like currently

My friend II Pomy II recommend that I ask you about this because this incident occurred to him (with a different set of wings) a couple of months ago and said that you helped resolve the issue. ^^;
If you could help me with my issue so I can return my friend's wings to her, that'd be awesome! :3

-Yours truly, Misfortuned Checkmate ♔
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Report | 01/14/2014 4:42 pm


I know it's probably rather low priority for you, but just curious if you'd had a chance to get the right image to go with the 'Happy Holidays 2k13' achievement? Right now it's still showing the same image as the caroling achievement. I saw you posted that it would just be a quick fix when you got back into the office after the holidays.
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Report | 01/14/2014 4:16 pm


Please help I made A ticket 2 MONTHS AGO! please Help I was to reactivate my 5 year old account shadow blade 4
Its been 2 months and I have not recieved a single response...
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Report | 01/11/2014 10:06 pm

Dref Dur

Hey Uncle Kenny, how was your holiday? Did you have a nice New Year? biggrin
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