Bonjour!!! No I am not french but I do speak it <3
My name is Umi Kitsuna.... or if you want to be lame you can call me Cheyenne
I live in Florida, USA... no it is not awesome, it is hot as hell and filled with tourist (yes you Canadians)
Dunkin Donuts Employee AKA Slave
I love Canadians <3 Tehehe
I am 18 *Fist Pumps* 3nodding
I will be attending FAU in the Summer WOOOHOOO
I have a very....eccentric personality^_^
My top five loves are:
1. Regular Show (I would die with out them)
2. Elijah Wood (If you don't know who that is... go die!!!)
3. Snakes and Sharks (I know crazy combo but best animals ever!)
4.Edward Elric (FMA <3 )
5. LMFAO (the band, they are my heros <3 )

My top 5 hates are:
1. Florida (Damn straight)
2. Tom Cruise(Worst Actor ever </3)
3. Dogs(I hate slobber, drool and all that other nasty stuff!!)
4. Tomatoes (Grosses fruit, it is all slimmy and XPPPP)
5. Jersey Shore(all reality shows in general but them especially!)

If I am not on Gaia I am playing Skyrim so sorry for my addiction...
Well that is it....GOOD BYE!!