Allo Lub!

So a little bit about me aye. Lets see here. . .

- I hate writing about me things.

- I r in lub wiff Kittehs! MEOW!

- I play guitar! ! !

- Art is my passion. I mostly draw people.

- I love Miyazaki movies. They're so inspiring.

- Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy make me happy!

- I can't really say that I have a favorite band, but my interests seem to stay in the rock, alternative, metal catagories.

- I can't stop watching Team Four Star on Youtube.

- Inuyasha was the first Anime I ever watched about five years ago.

- I am currently in LOVE with Bleach.

- I like draw and watch anime with well rounded characters.

And that's about all you need to know.


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Ume Vicious

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Ume Vicious

cool avi

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cool avi
Ume Vicious

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Ume Vicious



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