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By lachrymatory

Name: Dylan
Gender: Male
Age: 27
DOB: July 17th
Status: Single
Favorite Color: Blue(Any Shade), but mostly Navy.
Snack: Oreo
Beverage: Cream Soda, Root Beer
Favorite Meal: Hot Wings or Steak & Potatoes
Obsession: Mythology, Art, History, Funko Pops!

Likes: Video Games, Computers, Anime, Manga, Drawing, and the Supernatural. As well as Rock, Classical, Classic Rock, Screamo, and Alternative music genres.

Dislikes: Repeating myself, pollution, and deforestation

Fears: Parasites, Heights

Last Updated: {7/10/2020}

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G-Corp Jester

I do always appreciate receiving art of my avatar.

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Whispers of the Beast trapped within Me.

Inside of this journal are my thoughts. Some very pleasant, and some very painstaking. So go head, and explore this twisted psychotic journal of which are lodged within my cranium. :emo:


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ColoredxNoodles Report | 08/12/2022 2:37 pm
Goodbye BIG Report | 03/14/2022 2:55 pm
hey peeker! xd
ColoredxNoodles Report | 11/15/2021 12:43 am
i added
ColoredxNoodles Report | 11/15/2021 12:26 am
yea we might
do u have disc
ColoredxNoodles Report | 11/14/2021 2:50 pm
oh cool, yea prob after ur sess
ColoredxNoodles Report | 11/13/2021 9:27 pm
sunday evening i'm off so lets play!!
ColoredxNoodles Report | 11/12/2021 9:05 pm
ColoredxNoodles Report | 11/11/2021 3:20 pm
Yessss that's what time play, I get off work around like 12 rofl
ColoredxNoodles Report | 11/11/2021 12:59 am
heloooo, are u rdy to play zomg blaugh
Queen Knight Of Crystals Report | 06/04/2021 6:45 am
I'm in groups on FB and a lot of people have been complaining about druids. Mostly because of them tagging stuff in the overworld in groups so no one can get the kills they needs. I think someone said it's because they're doing it to get loot and skinning done. Same groups have people asking what covenant should my warlock go into or some other class.
Dunno probably part main coon maybe. We're not sure since the mama and papa are semi feral. Of course you can have pictures. I'll send some once we both have each other's number. lol
I live in Kansas. Cali kinda sucks to be in right now with the wildfires and such going on that I usually hear about. Oh okay. lmao What add on is that? I've never heard of one doing that.


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Pokémon Y/AS/MH4U
3DS FC: 1934 - 1180 - 4142


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