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what i'm looking for and willing to pay good gold for



Welcome to my Profile I am Ultra_Chaos_Angel and I descend from a planet known as Monochrome, it's a war torn planet far off in the distance. In my planet only power means anything. There are two sides the Light side whom call themselves The Lucians and the Dark side known as Ebonicians. We have been at war since what seems the creation of our planet, but recently ancient tablets have been discovered, the tablets are inscribed with pictures depicting some kind of legend.

The legend talks about one who is able to master both the powers of light and dark only this person can truly be the king of our planet and can finally bring about the peace our planet so desperately needs. I am one of those who wish to become the ruler of our planet. I have fought many battles and I've become mighty powerful over the years and have ascended to a rank of Commander. I have already learned both elements and have mastered both my light and dark powers but I am not the only one...

so that's my avatar's back story lol i myself love to create different avatars here on gaia i love to write poetry and i love video games. im mexican with a little italian and spanish in the mix from my great grandparents. and always eager to help in what ever way i can but i don't let people take advantage of me mrgreen
in any case you got questions i got answers welcome and have a nice day


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i like to write about a lot of things.and i plan to write about many things.


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xxmo_undeadxx Report | 07/17/2019 10:37 am
Just busy lol.
xxmo_undeadxx Report | 02/27/2019 6:14 pm
I can craft my own and I get a lot of caches because I still need to make the cache wings.
xxmo_undeadxx Report | 02/24/2019 4:28 pm
I don’t have the right items for alchemy. Lol.
I’ve already exhausted my gold.
xxmo_undeadxx Report | 02/21/2019 5:22 pm
The formula is 999 cash. I don’t have that. :/ so if you can get it and give me the formula I’ll do my best to craft. I’ll probably end up using the 80k to craft the wings to be honest. It’s a long quest and I need ink, bugs, and fish. Maybe even paper.
xxmo_undeadxx Report | 02/21/2019 4:56 pm
Lol thanks.
xxmo_undeadxx Report | 02/19/2019 4:29 pm
Lol. Okay.
xxmo_undeadxx Report | 02/19/2019 8:23 am
oooo. ill see if i can find the recipe. :3
Raleith Zen Kiyuto Report | 02/18/2019 6:46 pm
well its not 100% all mine neither tho, theres about 4 from that are from a friend of mine
Raleith Zen Kiyuto Report | 02/18/2019 6:05 am
kool thx lol
Bonding Ventus Report | 02/17/2019 8:08 pm

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