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This is Me!

Hey! How ya doing? My names Joo-hwan Jun (for short call me John or Joo)
I'm living in San Jose, California (my fourth home).[Now I am 19. Heck yeah, dawg!]
I lived in other places like Seoul, South Korea(the democratic side)[First home]
Dusseldorf, Germany(2 years old to 6 years old, had a girlfriend there)[Second home] and
Cardiff, Wales(6-8, had lots of friends there)[Third home]
Let's see to be accurate I lived here for 11 years.
Right now I'm a former second degree black belt in "Kuk Sul Do"(Imperial Korean Martial Art)
I studied Gumdo[Like Kendo but emphasizes relaxed and fast movement.]
Now I'm learning Tae-Kwon-Do and once I get my license I will begin to attend Shamrock Martial Arts Academy!
Next I want to learn Capoeira,Ninjutsu, or Taekkyon.

A lot of friends say that I have am Carefree(Yoh Asakura from Shaman King), Hard-working(like Shin from Eyeshield 21), Determined(like Naruto), and Reckless(like Train Heartnet for Black Cat)

I not only fight but I sing and act as well. I will try out for American Idol when it is the right time for me and my voice!

I attend Leland High School where life is okay, if it weren't 10% of the school population being druggies. I am currently in the Anime Club and Oikos[Christian Club]
Right now the Boxing Club and Martial Arts died down but on our way to revival!
If anyone is curious about Christianity, you are welcomed to PM me any questions!

I do want to give heads up that the music video on my profile is in Korean due to my trip cause hey...I think it would be nice to give people a slice of my country.

After a sermon of Pastor Sam Lee I have decided not to be like Jesus, but to be the closest example of him. I have to endured insults, rejections, and danger in this walk of life. I also need prayers from anyone [may it be Christians and Non-Christians] to pray for my walk with God! For those who pray I thank you for your prayers and let God bless you in any way possible.

I am on the far left of the picture.

User Image
Get ready for a throw-down!

User Image
Right on the gut!

User Image
I'm gonna give him an offer he can't refuse!

My deceased dog, Haen-im[Sunshine]

When Jinju[Pearl] is awake

When [Pearl] is asleep

When Manho[Onyx] is awake and shy

When [Onyx] is a asleep

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You are Hwoarang. You must seriously rock. You do have a bad attitude, but that's what everyone loves about you. You're 2 favorite words must be 'this' and 'sucks'.

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your auron

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[u:a42a789472][b:a42a789472][i:a42a789472]The list:[/i:a42a789472][/b:a42a789472][/u:a42a789472]

This music is classic Korean Pop Music
Full of Happiness- H.O.T

Girls in Korea are currently crazy for these guys.
Pong son[Balloon]- DBSK

I like this one because it is fun to dance in.
Nan ara yo[I know]- Se7en

This song was a soundtrack for a drama "Gumiho"[Forbidden Love]
Dalmeun Sarang[Identical Love]- Seo Jin Young

One of the cutest girl singers in Korea.(To me she is cute because she can be either a tomboy or a....not exactly a girly girl!)
Girls on top- BoA
My Name- BoA

One of my favorite MV

Phantom - DBSK/ TVXQ

Man Ya Gae - Tae Yeon
A MV for the Drama Sharp Blade Hong Gil Dong! Another favorite song!

[PM me the music videos you want me to upload. You must get the name of at least five people for me to upload it!]


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xHoshi Report | 08/17/2011 6:12 am
ahh omg im so sorry i forgot to reply >< you see my sister is visiting, so i like have to hang out with her and stuff. plus i'm writing my college apps and getting ready for my SAT2 exams... so yea >< you must forgive me...
HappInLove Report | 08/07/2011 5:33 pm
Go ahead ask me any ?s you like in a pm. I will answer. 3nodding
HappInLove Report | 08/02/2011 5:58 am
No it wasn't anything like that. It just wasn't ment to be i guess. Thanks! But we are doing great my parents have been a great support. :3 Dental surgery? No fun on a vacation.
HappInLove Report | 08/01/2011 8:23 pm
EVerything is getting better. No we split up, its a long story. Riley is 17 months old now! Time is flying by! :3 How have you been?
kare no tenshi Report | 08/01/2011 9:14 am
kare no tenshi
OH why thank you :3 You're too kind
HappInLove Report | 07/24/2011 12:33 pm
*pokes* =^.^=
HappInLove Report | 03/08/2011 11:46 am
Its cool! smile
HappInLove Report | 12/19/2010 5:19 am
I don't even remember! Lol. So how have you been.
HappInLove Report | 12/07/2010 6:49 am
II-UruwashiiUmi-II Report | 08/16/2010 11:36 pm
No it's Live messenger! ^.^ Try it anyway, I heard Yahoo can message any IM messenger, or some crap like that.
Mine is ookamilover@hotmail.com


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