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Birthday: 02/13

So what do you need? Besides a miracle.



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Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.

Hello, and Welcome to My Profile!

About Me:

I'm just a mule account! (not accepting friend requests, unless I know you, sorry.)
IRL Details: F / 20-something *cough cough* / USA

About My Character:

Name's Duke. He's not just any ordinary rabbit, he's a Demon-Rabbit Furry. Whilst normal people consider him as 'another yiffer,' he considers people as 'another moron.' Duke does not have the bubbly, cutesy behavior people usually associate with rabbits - he's sarcastic, self-centered, and vain. He would rather sit quietly and read a book than hang out with a group of people...

Duke's job? He's a college student, and his part-time jobs are working at the town's public library, modeling for Furries Clothing Magazine, as well as a waiter to patrons at the specialty café.

Duke's hobbies? Reading books and drinking tea.

Furry type:
Demonic Rabbit.
...Just don't call him a bunny.

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