I is an eco-freak. RECYCLE!

So this is what I'm looking like now.
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I'm a huge RvB fan!
My Character: Grif.

"Well there's no U on the team either. So if there's no 'I' on the team, and no 'U' on the team, there's no one on the god damn team! The team sucks!" -Dexter Grif (my philosphy)

Grif: One. Or more. Baker's dozen at the most.
Simmons: Do you even KNOW how many there are in a baker's dozen?
Grif: By my count...48.

Grif: In my zombie plan, I go to Alaska. Zombies have no body heat! They'll freeze like corpsicles!

"Time...line? time isn't made out of lines. it is made out of circles. that is why clocks are round!" -Michael J. Caboose

Donut: I was just petting the bunny...and it went into the soup can...and part of my hand went with it!

Donut: But guys, we're millions of miles from Earth! It'll take forever for the ship to get here! It may take days, or months, or even years-
Grif: ship's here.

Caboose: Oh yeah, and Tucker had his gross baby.
Tucker: It's not mine! We weren't even going steady!

Caboose: I can't feel my torso!
Caboose: I'm still laying here. Why won't anyone help me?
Caboose: If I've been bitten, does that mean I'll turn into one of them?
Church: shut up, caboose!
Caboose: blaaaarrrgg.....
Church. Shut up, caboose.

Doc: Hey look! Caboose is back up!
Caboose: I'm okay! I'm okay! *falls on face* I'm not okay!

Caboose: My second best friend ever is dead!...FIX HIM!
Doc: I'm sorry, I can't do much after decomposition...

Sheila: My Logical Data Analysis Sector indicates this is highly unlikely. And my bullshit meter agrees.

Sarge: It's a new game, appropriate for both adults and children.
Caboose: And inappropriate for everyone else.
Sarge: The rules are quite simple.
Caboose: Almost simple enough to UNDERSTAND!

Simmons: There are two teams. One red...
Church: And one good.

Simmons: I think yelling should be reserved for drastic situations. Like when someone drinks milk out of the carton!

Tex: I don't even remember your names half the time.
Caboose: I know my name! You can ask me, if you forget.
Church: Can we focus on me?
Caboose: By the way, he's Church.
Church: Thank you, Caboose. She knows.
Caboose: He is, the mean one.
Church: Thank you, Caboose.
Caboose: See, he is mad. Now he'll just stare at me until I stop talking, then when he thinks I am done talking, he will start talking again.
Church: ....Okay, i was talking to Gary and-
Caboose: Told you so.
Caboose: Classic Church.

Washington: We have a problem.
Caboose: I hope it isn't a math problem...

Donut: Defenses established, Sarge!
Donut: Cancel that, Sarge, defences are destroyed!

Donut: And that's how I rescued you both and saved the day. The end.
Grif: That was the longest story I've ever heard. And I don't believe a word of it.
Donut: Every word of it it true. It's the longest military operation that you two have ever slept through.
Grif: If it everything worked out so well, then where's the jeep?
Donut: Well, I have a song I'd like to sing about tha-

Donut: OW! Who put the spleen ball here! Simmons! I need your ovaries!

Sarge: I was hoping you would demot Grif...
Washington: How about Junior Underprivate, Negative First class?
Sarge: I like the way you think.

Church: An empty concrete base? Is it our BIRTHDAY?!
Caboose: I want cake.

Church/Sarge: They make me so damn mad! I could spit! *spits*
Grif: uh, Sarge? did you just spit inside your helmet?
Church/Sarge: Uh, yeah. I guess I did.
Grif: permission to speak freely, sir?
Church/Sarge: Go ahead.
Grif: That's really ******** gross.

Caboose: Did we win?
Tucker: Yeah, caboose, we won! this is our victory lap!

And finally, Church vs. the answering machine.
Answering machine: If you would like to leave a message, just wait for the tone.
Church: I know how to leave a goddamn message!
Answering machine:If you would like to page this person, press one.
Church: COME ON!
Answering machine: If you would like these options in Spanish, press eight.
Church: I HATE YOU!
Answering machine: to play this message back, press nine.
Church: I will ******** stab you, computer phone lady!
Answering machine: if you would like to hear this in alienese, please press 11.
Church: THERE IS NO ELEVEN, YOU ******** WHORE!!!!

Now i'll actually talk about ME. Let's see....
I'm 15 years old. My birthday's December 28. I like Mexican, Japanese, and Thai food. I have 6 birds (birds are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs, btw.) 2 are conures (sun and dusky headed". , sunny and connie), a hahn's macaw (effie), a cockateil (birdie, who's getting on in years) and 2 swans, Lexi and Andrew.
I'm average height. I LOVE red vs. blue and as you can tell, i love caboose and grif.
I have been hacked several times in the course of my gaia..ness. But i always manage to bring my gold back up again.
Random pm's and comments are loved.
This is my quote profile. If you want to spend like 10 minutes reading icons, visit Magical Pocky Box.

92% of teens moved on to rap music. If you're part of the 8% who rock out everyday put this in your profile.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Btw I know my name you can ask me if you forget! XD

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happy b-day
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The Broken Neko


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nice avi
i am mr emo

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i am mr emo

waz up?

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lol it's all good

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hmmmm well i tried to send you a invite back and it said you were still in the guild

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ooooo well i had nothing to do with that. i know that the crew was talking about booting some inactive members but i was under impression they would have sent a PM first...
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Xxporclain vampirexX

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Xxporclain vampirexX

lollerz i dont have any //n;


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