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━━━━━ 犬飼貴丈 ━━━━━
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Sento Kiryu
Brimming with curiosity, he has a great love for his own inventions. While he often uses his gentle insight to deal with things calmly, there are also times when he becomes serious for the sake of others. Though he knows that the ideals of "love and peace" are fragile, he still professes for it, and believes that the creations he invents, as well as science, is for the sake of creating a better world where war does not exist. A selfless man, he puts other people's lives before his own. He is a man that bears the burden of a life that he does not remember.

"Whatever you destroy, I can rebuild!"

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Ignite that counterattack. Light up your soul. Surpass those limits in the final adventure.

Nero Kiryu • ENFP • ⅩⅣ//
Kamen Rider • Devil May Cry • Final Fantasy
Atsuhirosexual • Sentosexual • Nerosexual


User ImageCall me Nero
Yoshi P is my God. Reisi Munakata is my King.
People need to stop hurting my husband Sento Kiryu.
He is a good man, who just wants to see people smile.
Atsuhiro Inukai; love of my life and captor of my heart.
I love Acchan so ******** much.
Love & Peace.
Japanese boys are gonna be the death of me.
I can never get enough.
Red Mage aesthetics.
I still love Nero from DMC okay?
Look at how gay he's become.
I game on my free time and sleep when I can.
I'm a college student just trying to chill and get through life.
Thank you. For appreciating me for who I am.

Sento Kiryu & Parado
Atsuhiro Inukai & Shouma Kai

Thank you Maggie-chan .///.
Ryan's bad sense of fashion

"Hiding my true feelings is what I'm good at."

Playing: Stormblood
Mobile Game: FF: Brave Exvius
Tokusatsu: Kamen Rider Build & Lupin vs Pato
BrOTP: Cross-ZBuild/DragonRabbit

Relatable Characters:
Nero • Sento Kiryu • Shotaro Hidari • Parado
a*****e • Narcisstic • Detective • Gamer

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━━━━━ 桐生 戦兎 ━━━━━

"It's good to be back."

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