Hello, hello! Welcome to my very own Gaia page... I'll be always updating it. I am an anime/manga addict. Even though I am a girl, I really love anime/mangas on the action, mystery, sci-fi genres... I also liked shoujo, shounen, romance, fantasy etc. But for all yaoi, shounen-ai, seinen-ai, shoujo-ai fans around there, I am not a fan like you... But we can still be friends, ne?? My top crush er rather love in the anime/manga world is Toushirou Hitsugaya from Bleach... I really liked anime/manga guys with white hair, or dark hair...tall ones and of course, the cool/hot one! hehhe.. My name is Ruffa. I am often called "ufa" by my friends (pronounced as yuufa)...Have a nice stay here!



aNiMe, . MaNgA aNd Me...

As I said in the "About Me" section I am an Anime/Manga addict and I will share here all of my recent updates about me and the anime/manga releases, photos, etc..