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The only reason I use my journal on Gaia is in order to keep track of my Roleplay Characters from numerous guilds. All profile links will be linked to this Journal.


"Being grown-up is not the abandonment of childlike wonder but the ability to truly harness its fullest potential."
- Uchiha Roxas

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From top left to bottom right:
Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Hal Jordan Red Lantern, New 52 Shazam
Classic Captain Marvel, New 52 Superboy (Kon-El), Aquaman
Booster Gold & Skeets, New 52 Arsenal (Roy Harper), New 52 Green Arrow
New52 Nightwing, New52 Batman, Red Hood (Jason Todd)
Robin (Damian Wayne), Death in The Family (Jason Todd), New 52 Green Beast Boy
Pre-NEW52 Red Robin

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BananaTouch Report | 04/10/2017 7:30 am
~Celestria: A World Hidden In The Stars~
rosewiththorns23 Report | 01/02/2017 12:56 pm
Hey kiddo biggrin biggrin biggrin
Legion Of Oreos Report | 10/06/2015 10:38 am
yes i live still
Dysfunctional Harley Report | 09/20/2015 11:00 am
Your weclome hun.
Awww thanks emotion_bigheart
Dysfunctional Harley Report | 09/20/2015 10:50 am
Your green arrow reminds me of the smallville verion. (Witch is a good thing)
The Master Time Lord Report | 08/05/2015 1:21 am
If that was a reference, I didn't get it.
I'll see what I can do, but I'm working on replies for things right now.
The Master Time Lord Report | 08/04/2015 9:17 pm
What kind of items do you still need for it?
MoonKnightIV Report | 07/14/2015 3:13 pm
Now I will conqueor the mushroom kingdom for Bowser and steal the Princess for myself >;3 Muahah
MoonKnightIV Report | 07/14/2015 1:16 pm
HAHA the God of War himself could not stop me ! I now sit on his throne (as of 6/14/15 Vol 1 Deathstroke God of War ! a great read)
I will slay your pet and make calamari out of it muahahahh >:3
MoonKnightIV Report | 07/13/2015 4:34 pm
I have slain your fish pets! Now I will slay you old king of waves! >;3 Muahahaha