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-X Duo Yiro X-

Report | 04/29/2009 2:45 pm

-X Duo Yiro X-

I would like to welcome everyone to my little bro's account... I was sitting in my sith quarters metitating when i hear an knock on my door... i rise walk over and open it... to my surprise it was my brother in full jedi armor... He walks in as if he was here to stay... i ask, " brother, why have you come here? And why do you make yourself comfortable in the Corro?"... He replies,"Because broother i have vauable information to the cause of the sith... if you are interested... He gets up as if to get out of the room... I say," Fine than little brother tell me all but now you not you will now be a slave to the Sith cause there after?" He replies," I know that.. but all i have followed there has been wasted when i was told this....