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Ursula the Sea Witch

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Name: Yuki

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Favorite Color: Green


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Fallen Angel Lucifer Report | 02/13/2013 10:35 pm
Fallen Angel Lucifer
I'm thinking of going on the weekend. I'm in a bowling league that has matches on Friday nights, and I don't want to miss.
Who knows, if I bowl good I might even win money. lol

I haven't cosplayed in a while. Still have the Trinity Blood costume, but haven't had time to finish it. DX
I lost some weight since I walk more and stuff so I'd have to adjust the dress and that messes up the overskirt that I already finished.

I wish the convention wasn't so early. I miss having it in April.
Fallen Angel Lucifer Report | 02/02/2013 11:02 pm
Fallen Angel Lucifer
Haha. I've made a group of great friends so I'm pretty invested in staying here. 3nodding

The real world sucks. DX I've been good. School still sucks as always, but I'm working at it. Hopefully I'll be able to graduate soon.

As for Kawaii Kon. I'd really like to go. What about you? Interested in going?
Fallen Angel Lucifer Report | 02/01/2013 11:56 am
Fallen Angel Lucifer
Hey. It feels like it's been forever since we last talked.
I've been doing good. Bit busy with school and such.

Hope you've been doing well. 8D
Fallen Angel Lucifer Report | 09/27/2010 1:04 am
Fallen Angel Lucifer
Woah. So fancy your avi. heart

I haven't talked to you in ages. I hope you've been well.
Essenxial Report | 09/14/2010 5:43 pm
Hiee! 4laugh
Korya Report | 09/12/2010 7:37 pm
I miss you! D:
I haven't gotten to talk to you in forever, and I hope you are doing well. <3
MaSTeR KaKaSHi HaTaKE Report | 09/07/2010 2:11 am
Hi cool
turn up the stereo Report | 08/27/2010 10:24 pm
turn up the stereo

Sorry to bug. But. H'omg. I need someone to fanboy all over about the kpop that's happened since we last talked.

Other than that, hope you've been good.
And working out.
turn up the stereo Report | 06/20/2010 8:43 am
turn up the stereo
    Mhm, indeed. :3

    You and your big dicks. xDDD I guess I'll admit that a big one is pretty nice to watch. I'm okay with whatever though, just as long as they use it well. 83 Teehee, I like watching latino porn sometimes. >3> And I watch whatever. Oral, a**l, rim jobs, hand jobs, solo, etc etc. xD Not really into fisting. That kinda scares me how an arm can fit in someone. x.x And it does get corny during sex actually. So yeah, revamp my whole statement to the foreplay aspect. :3

    lots of licking and nuzzling!

    This is promising. I hope you can! Even if its just like a few seconds of you dancing! =P Good luck~

    Ahh, I see. That makes it convenient, but as you said, also difficult. That's why I joined a gym. I'm paying to go, so if I don't, I'm wasting the money. So it kinda reinforces me to go. But lately I've been busy with work, so I couldn't go, and now I'm wasting money regardless. D: I would love to go to Hawaii. I've never been, and always want to~ Maybe one day when I save up enough money. 8D

    YES IT HAD TO BE MOIRA. xDD I dunno, I never noticed other ones until I saw this one, so I got it. I'm just picky, and also intimidated to talk to artists and ask them for art. I'm like "WHAT IF THEY SAY NO? I'LL BE SO CRUSHED ;____; " xD So I look look look, then just lurk until I talk myself out of posting a request. ; ; But yeah, keep your eyes open. n.n

Deathly Intoxicated Report | 06/18/2010 8:34 pm
Deathly Intoxicated
Thanks for the buyyy(:


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