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Gosh... i always freeze up when someone says tell me about yourself, so i'll do this in a fashion we can all relate to...

This shamelessly nameless girl is 17 and of average height for her age, though the majority of her piers have about an inch on her most of the time. Of course, those awkward teenage years have taught her to be defensive of such things, blending seamlessly into her relatively short temper and painfully quick wit. Adding insult to injury, she's as ginger as ginger comes, with that irritatingly pale shade of skin that doesn't just burn, but noticeably sizzles in the sun. So, understandably with such an... interesting appearance, eye colour should be everything. But no, just moss green, interspersed with streaks of brown, nothing even slightly impressive.

She spent most of her life stuck in a series of middle class, un-noteworthy schools, though she always felt her second attempt at staying in a primary school shouldn't have gone as well as it did, surrounded by people who obviously thought her far too common to be seen with, and who's answer to every argument was 'Don't make me get my butler!'. Though she discovered that the best way to deal with this was to just lob wet mud at them and watch in glee as they skipped about, squealing in that satisfying way. Secondary school went down with much less action. She didn't get amazing grades, but she passed everything without hiccup, getting 10 GCSE's.

Now, inhabiting a small but well thought of college which takes an hour journey to reach on a packed college bus, she's in her element. Though to be honest, that bus journey's the best part of her day, surrounded by people who are equally qualified to be called mentally estranged as she is. She's studying Music, Music Technology, Drama and Film studies though she falls out at the very least twice a week with her music teachers, who are all obviously just jealous of her musical prowess...
In the future she plans to swan off to a university somewhere as far from home as possible to study Film.

Hobby wise, she's a relatively normal teenager; Listening to music, making music, writing music, reviewing music and all that jazz (though she actually hates jazz with a passion). To date, she can play a number of instruments, though her main ones are flute (Grade 8 ) and guitar, which she taught herself. In her spare time, she enjoys nothing better than playing small, badly paid gigs in small pubs and little known folk clubs where she's trying desperately to earn a name for herself as a singer songwriter. Other than that, she can be found with her nose buried in a book, wallowing in her disgustingly messy room, playing video games or as you've probably already guessed, roleplaying.

There's little else to say about this seemingly average teenager, though her favourite T.V shows are Chuck, Malcolm in the middle, House, Dr Who, Firefly, Lewis, Family guy and most of all, the new British T.V series Sherlock (Mmmm, Benedict Cumberbatch...). Her favourite movies are Blood and Chocolate, Keeping Mum, The boat the rocked, Death at a funeral (The original), Amelie and the Fall. Books... well, i think there may just be too many to mention, but her favourite authors are Tamora Pierce, J.K Rowling, Steve Augarde and Jane Austen.

See, that was soo much easier XD


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Illinois Jane Report | 08/07/2010 11:38 am
Illinois Jane
ME TOO! I was a member of a board called the Dancing Dove for AGES! I've met her multiple times. I'm so happy whenever I find someone else who reads them, we're rare!
Illinois Jane Report | 08/07/2010 10:31 am
Illinois Jane
So my news feed tells me that you read Tammy biggrin
Illinois Jane Report | 07/27/2010 4:06 pm
Illinois Jane
Cant wait to meet your character in Fortuna Major! Wanna be friends with Helena?