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Was Hacked <3 12/14/08

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Omg Mother Got Her a** hacked lmfao! ;] Hey iz farjana hackin on my mama’s page she is awesome and great and cool andcute n sexcii lmfao go to the library please and ull find info about dis chicka! ;]
We known eachother a long time xD and I love her a lotz! Don’t mess witt her or eles u dead u noe how it always is! We been tight like diz man and she is more than u think.. ;] she is krazy lol j/k rolleyes lmfao
I love u ma heart p e

like diz

My lovers ;D


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About her
HELLO :'D. I am Lauren. xD
I am open minded and crazy! I am single and rockin it ;]. And to the ladies YES I AM BISEXUAL!!!! And I don't care what people say about me.
I do Live in California. West Side! Nor-Cal baby. ******** yeah I get to rock the Nor-Cal star and mean it, not like you little other ********. xD I like to dress different. But, whatever.
I'm a tough cookie. I stick up for my self and even that mean Argueing with a teacher. :] So If I get in trouble with the law they'll try use this against me. =w=
I have 3 children on gaia and a BIG a** FAMILY! Lol I am the youngest, I have "big brothers" ON gaia. We have each others back and when momma not on. I'm da' bully. But, when she is they da' bullies. >[
So um I am young and fun :'D. Kick back. Love my family in real life even thow we fight like little bitches. I sware. Got to remeber they my family. My sister and I in real life have fist fights and in 6 hrs later we buddehs again. She always buggin me to make my famous peanut butter and jelly sandwichs. Her lines are, "It isn't the same when I make it myself. Please Lauren make that or the spicy chicken." I usally cave it. lol
I do have a myspace here is the link for the page. I am new at it. So don't complain pleasie --> Myspace Page
Questions : Contact me boitch ;D
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Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.