Wanna know some s**t?

This profile needed a massive update lol So here it is!
-I am Tystra Daisetsu, you can call me Tystra, Ty or whatever.
-I currently work for Amazon, which is an awesome job.
-My hobbies include Video Games, Role Playing, Singing and Swing Dancing.
-I am honest, I won't lie to you about how I feel. But you at least have to ask.
-I have been hurt a lot by people I trusted. So keep in mind that if I get a little pissed off, don't worry. I have my reasons.
-That last bit came off as I get angry all the time. Rest assured, I am happy. Takes a lot to make me angry.
-I currently work, but I also am trying to build my own business when it comes to streaming. If you would like to help support my dream, check out my Twitch Channel in the Hyperlink below and show some love.
-My Twitch Channel!
-I also post regularly on Social Media, so check out my Twitter and Instagram

- I don't role play often, but if you invite, I will try to get into the rp.