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The Mask I Bear



About me?

Who I am and what I am is not important. Where I came from before I got here won't tell you anything, won't explain the things I've done, or why. But since I got here, so much has happened...

Just like everyone else, I started out here as a different person. That was years ago, when our world was first developing into the booming metropolis that it is now. Back then, there were not many ways to make money. I spent most of my time wandering and looking for spare change, then gambling at the casino in order to make that money multiply. Needless to say, I lost a lot at first, but as time wore on I got better and better.

I started to seek out adventure, which much to my surprise I found rather easily. On these adventures, I made many friends, and many enemies. So many enemies, in fact, that I needed to change faces and names again.

Starting over wasn't easy, but I had done it before. I kept in contact with the few that I could trust, and left those that I was unsure about to wonder where I had gone. And that is when I found the place that would change the rest of my life in this world as I knew it.

The Mercenaries took me in without any question. They could see that I would make a valuable addition to their team if I worked to my full potential, and so I was accepted into their Guild. Back then, they were still very small and weak. They too were rebuilding their lives, starting over in a new location and with a new leader. However, their new leader was not as dedicated as he should have been, and things were done sloppily.

So I offered my assistance to him, under the condition that I be made a member of their higher ranking officers. The agreement was made, and so I worked day and night to help build and repair the Guild.

I got along and fit in fine with the other Mercenaries. All but one, that is.





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