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Hello. I'm Tyki Mikk and I'm pleased to meet you. Send me a PM or comment me and we can chat. I love to talk and make some new friends. I will except your request if you'd like to get to know me. Please Don't add me if all you are going to do is ask me for donations. I really don't have very much gold myself, and I know how hard it is to work for it myself. I also do NOT date online, so please, do not ask. I really don't like to hurt other's feelings.

I made my profile myself. It took forever to edit picture on the left hand side. I had to edit the credits off of it and piece it together, bit by bit xp So no stealing.

Current Mood/Feelings: Normal =]
Listening to: Cold Play - Viva la vida

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To be one of my poker buddies, you have to play poker with me on MSN messanger. [More than once.]

Shight About me:
I'm a straight 17 year old American. I'm white, Caucasian, Cracker, Saltine.....Whatever you want to call me. xd I'm about 6'2" and 155lbs (Last I checked <_< wink . I have loosely curly black hair. My nickname is actually Tyki in RL because I look just like him [ Exception: I'm a bit pale. I have a mole under the corner of my left eye. Not straight under it.] . That's why I made my account name Tyki. Go figure.

I don't beg for gold or donations. That annoys people and it annoys me. Don't get me wrong, I do donate to people a lot. I just tend to donate to those who do not ask me. This is also my own account. I don't share it, or have any mules =/

I am a pretty reasonable individual, but can be a total a** if you make me mad, or annoy me in someway or if I am just in a mood. It's hard to really truthfully make me mad, but if you do, sometimes I hold a grudge. But I really like people who make me happy =) I am not a very nice person when I am mad or pushed over my limits.

My Playlist:
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People who make me happy:
- [ Para-Kiss ]
- xX_Debitto_Xx
- Princess Road
- Fazzy Fairy
- GabriellaShadow_AngelVamp
[No, I cannot list everyone, I have over 250 friends. Please don't ask to be listed, or why you are not. These are just those who happen to talk to me and make me feel better when I am down. Just because you are not there, doesn't mean I don't like you xDD ]

Things I like to do:
- Cards - Piano - Fishing - Hockey - Videogames - Watching Anime - Reading Manga - Boating - Snowmobiling - Gaia - Cooking - Running - Hanging with friends - Roleplaying -

Favorite Foods:
- Fish - Antelope - Cheesecake - Rice - Steak - Taco bell - Arby's - Burger king - Potatoes - Donuts - Pocky - Ramen - Venison - Buritos - German Chocolate Cake - Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - Cookies and Cream Chocolate - Candy Buttons -

Favorite Weather:
1st fav. Thick fog. Nice and cool, but not muggy or humid.
2nd fav. warm/cold pouring rain on a summer day.

-I CAN hack a bit, and have knowledge on the topic but I don't do it on gaia, or for malicious reasons. That is immoral. =/ I just research to keep my own stuff safe from the malicious. =_=
-No, I do not date online. I do not know you.
- I don't have a bed. Seriously. Get over it. XD....I broke it. people who have accused me of breaking it because of hardcore sex: 6
-I Speak French. I am Also studying a few other languages.
-I literally have had an online stalker before XD [Now I do not like myspace, or put any pictures up. ><]
-I am NOT racist, or discriminatory and try my best not to offend anyone. =_= Just tell me if I've done something wrong. I am a very accepting person. =]
-I am mostly literate and try to talk with a decent vocabulary.
-My secret job is not a male stripper, or man whore. Drop that thought right now =_=;;
-Tobi IS a good boy.

"TYKI! How is road?" is not a greeting. rofl
Times I've been greeted this way in towns: 4
Times I've been called a Magician: 10
Times I've heard "I like your hat": 9

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Current Quest: Devil Tail and Tekteks. =] (Feel free to tek me!)

donators (if you beg any of these people for anything, I will come after you. That is a threat):
cupcakescutey_1516 - Framed Gaia artwork #16
Amy246464 - Garlic Plushie
Fazzy Fairy: 4903 gold
xXx_Debitto_xXx - Dandidoodad spore
allen walker-d gray man: Rings - Wish, Meat, and Bow and Arrow
Ashelux - 14,7oo gold
serenityofsand - Silk Bowtie
xX_Debitto_Xx [aka, the anonymous benefactor] - Pumpkin Ghost Sheet
z-Kitty - 1 orange ink, 1 blue ink, 1 red ink, 1 brown ink.
z-Kitty - 47 Dirty Crumpled Newspaper, 1 old newspaper, 25 blue xerox paper
Serenityofsand: 21 shades cool
Fazzy Fairy - 2,ooo gaia gold, Vampire bite marks
Unknown - Lidless Demon Armor (Helm)
FLEEC: Titan's Legacy (Seed)
Kibascheza: Bloody Mad Scientist Jacket
GabriellaShadow_Angelvamp: Dashing Gentleman Onyx Tie
Serenityofsand: Bloody Eye Bandage
Fazzy Fairy: Red Bio Mask and Angel Imp Plushie
XXXdemon_vampireXXX: Syaoran's cloak
babe_97: 203gold
Fazzy Fairy: 5,ooo gold
Fazzy Fairy: June birthday crown and a Water meat
Shizuka Usagi: Gold fish in a bag, Calico Gold fish in a bag, Black Gold fish in a bag.
Dark_Xiol - 4000 gold
sepolopa the great - 3000gold
i i D i O T i C - Ohh~ Ocean blue head wrap, Clock egg, 200gold
trichell - Larry the evil rubber ducky, executioner mask, gray peasant gloves
Kairii9 - 3000 gold
Jasdebi_Twins - 2000 gold
o0Kanda0o - 300 gold
Enchanted Sebille - 200 gold, Giant Banana Split
D_Cat-Exorcist - 200 gold
cupcakescutey_1516: Cristian siriano's Ruffled red vest and shirt
Monnarck: Black Long stem rose
Ix Road Kamelot xI: Stress Release Candles, Onigiri <3
iZombiePoo: Speed Racer Decal, 88 Tokens, 1 green ink
iZombiePoo: seeing stone, leather dress watch, 3 yellow ink,
monnarck: 5 black ink, 4 white ink, 5 red ink
iZombiePoo: Frostbite blade
Unknown: Herme's Moon. (( I know who gave me this, but they dont want the name up))
Unknown: Dashing gentleman silver and black cane ((D8< Tell me who you are...NOW! ))
Bewitching CC: Cristian siriano's Ruffled red vest and shirt
Bewitching CC: Red Diamond and Used Chainsaw
Black Order Allen Walker: Charcoal sketchbook
Black Order Allen Walker: Bloody eye Bandage
Brawndo: Death speech bubble, 100 gold
fluna: Kung fu panda shirt, Pumpkin Beret, Spiky Paper hat
Kali_Karma: Baby Jack Mask
rhiomaster: Brown Striped Shirt
Ju1y12511: Golden Compass
rowanlane: 500 gold
Benji012: 500 gold, 20 brown ink, 1 red ink, 1 green ink, 1 Cicada
Air Hump: Car Shades, and Black Rectangular Glasses
Dream Thieves: 1,000 gold
Elmo_Gangster: 1,000 gold
Officer Hugger: 1 yellow Ink, 2 purple daisies, 5 blue xerox, 1 white xerox
C3 Cassiopeia: 100 gold
Spidargate: 200 gold
Ashelux: 160 Tokens
Ashelux: 1017 Tickets
Jasdebi_Twins: 3487 Tickets
Tyki Mikk of the Noah: Cristian Siriano black coat
Princess Road: Black Tuxedo Jacket
Princess Road: Dirty Martini
- P A N D Y S - : 1,000 tickets = )
LMAOitsDanny: Kung Fu Panda Scroll
allen walker-d gray man: 218 Tickets and 400 tokens.
Rock1n_L3x1: heart Balloon (birthday gift)
allen walker-d gray man: gentleman's pristine gloves (birthday gift)
allen walker-d gray man: Dark Tuxedo (birthday gift)
LMAOitsDanny: warm Starter rug
Killer Loki Doll: Newsprint Fro
Ashelux: Artwork

Thank you everyone for these kind donations =] I never ask for any, yet for some reason I get some from all these caring people. That's true generousity. =]

pencil sketch---> http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn267/imyournumber1moron/Tiki_Miku_by_ImYourNumber1Moron-1.jpg
Updated _ >User Image
Thanks for the picture Ash. And thanks for when you finish it. = )

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^ That is a guild I am apart of. I made this banner as well! come and join me and we can chat = ) You have to be a D. gray Fan though. O:

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This doll was bought and made just for me, and It's of my Avatar. No stealing. I will attack you.

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Report | 04/28/2017 12:58 am


Honestly didn't think you'd ever come back, literally out of the old gang it's only 3 of us left and i only really talk to one here, how have you been

Report | 12/07/2014 2:59 am


If you ever get on here again sometime you should message me with some way to get up with you cause its been ages and I miss you insanely and want to catch up
[ Para-Kiss ]

Report | 08/23/2013 8:54 pm

[ Para-Kiss ]

tykiiiii crying you remember me? heart

Report | 07/13/2012 5:53 pm


Hi Tyki, your profile is amazing, but you probably get that lot. I read your "about me" and you are quite a lot like me, the strange thing is I have never friended someone that asked me for donations neutral ... but I love to talk too and I feel the same way about the dating thing, it kind of creeps me out when someone I don't really know asks me out (the worst part was that he was a 5th grader...). But I love Tyki for D. Gray-Man soooooo much, I have only seen the anime so far but I will be reading the manga soon. ^_^cruise
Chibi Onkei

Report | 01/22/2012 8:35 pm

Chibi Onkei

Child Of Spiders

Report | 10/28/2011 12:03 am

Child Of Spiders

Hey Tyki x) How have you been ?

Report | 08/22/2011 1:41 pm


Please excuse my random comment. sweatdrop
I just wanted to say you've done a great job with your Tyki cosplay; I don't see too many of the Noahs on Gaia. smile

Report | 08/19/2011 12:56 pm


Tyki! How you been? You probably don't remember me because I haven't talked to you for like two years.
Hell, I don't even have you added on this account, but I saw another Tyki cosplay in towns today and thought I'd check up.
My old username was H1nAm0Ri Amu.... ha. Welp, I hope you're doing good. I know you don't log on much anymore.
But I thought I'd attempt strikin' up some conversation with you. c:

Report | 07/31/2011 6:30 pm


I haven't talked to you in foreverrr heart
Tyki Joyd Mikk

Report | 07/12/2011 3:19 pm

Tyki Joyd Mikk

HEY~ curious could you give me advice on my avi?


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Come on. Make my day, For I am the Portuguese Cracker.

"I want to sleep in a city that never wakes up,blinded by nostalgia."