I flew beyond the sun before it was time
Burning all the gold that held me inside my shell
Waiting for you to pull me back in
I almost had the world in my sight

Lost love
Bright eyes fading
Faster than stars falling
How can I tell you that I've failed?
Tell you I failed

Falling from grace cause I've been away too long
Leaving you behind with me lonesome song
Now I'm lost in oblivion

I tried to burrow a hole into the ground
Breaking all the fingers and the nails from my hands
The eyes of a child see no wrong
Ignorant bliss, impending doom

Now im lost...

Summoning Stone

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Tasumiko Report | 12/18/2012 11:11 pm
Matty cakes. I miss you sir. Text me? Message me. Its been to long my friend.
DizzyThoughts Report | 12/02/2011 2:35 pm
Thank you for the purchase! ^o^
MindLoveMaking Report | 08/19/2011 4:36 am
Matt :O !! I found your avi!!! ... I hope you log on someday soon... It's Giulie!

formally known as Julie... and DesiredVampireLust.. So much to catch up on...

Well, take care ! ^.^
SunSetNeko Report | 06/10/2011 3:44 am
log onto the gaia meebo u just gotta relog then i should be on for ya
Cinae Report | 06/09/2011 4:12 am
M'hmm, yumm. Teens.
Sounds like a joyous thing.
e - e;
Must get really obnoxious.

Oh, alright.
Good then, I'm glad you still play.
Cinae Report | 06/09/2011 4:01 am
"Used" to? D;
Ah, alright though.
How's the teaching going?
Cinae Report | 06/09/2011 3:45 am
Have you ever told me this before?
o no

Cinae Report | 06/09/2011 3:29 am
Sorry, I left to take a shower and yeah.
> o >;

o 3o
Whatcha teach?
Cinae Report | 06/09/2011 3:04 am
Yeahh.. I realized after the fact.
> - >;
Sorry about that.
M'hm, I do remember talking quite often.
Eh, I'm alright.
Absolutely exhausted if anything.

What about you? o:
l Captivate l Report | 06/08/2011 9:58 pm
l Captivate l
lol, probably not too much longer, its already 1AM.