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I only come on here to check PMs and such. I do not post anymore nor care about anything on this site.

Can I help you enjoy that Snickers?


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Valenas Report | 04/18/2015 6:46 am
Also, four years are when they start getting more interesting and actually listen a little more when you tell them to stop getting into stuff, at least. I cannot wait until Shitbeast grows out of this stage where she is grabbing everything in sight and putting it into her mouth. She loves to eat deodorant. Also, I like Shitbeast more than her dumb real name (Jamaica) so I am sticking to calling her that.
Valenas Report | 04/18/2015 6:43 am
Yeah. I tried to go to work the morning of the flood and three distinctly separate ways to get to work were all flooded out. I told my boss I could use my GPS to try to go into Alabama, go north, and then circle back a bit. She told me to just stay home at that point, haha.

Any plans on revisiting the shelter? I like that you are trying to go through that channel to give a dog a second chance.

I want to think that you have had friends that I have seen around MPT visit you before (or maybe just the one). Different group coming this time?
Valenas Report | 04/16/2015 9:08 pm
Same s**t, different day, yo.

I took in a dog about this time last year. He is pit/lab (so was Jessie, I think, she was just more Labish. He is more Pit.) We go to dog parks and generally have a good time together. He showed up at my door a few days after my whole city flooded.

I also have a niece now. She is about a year and a half old. Not much else going on, really.

Lame pictures of niece and dog and cat!
Valenas Report | 04/11/2015 3:43 am
'Sup, G?
Valenas Report | 03/29/2015 12:10 pm
Corrector Yui Report | 03/07/2014 10:33 pm
what's up twonk. anon got me to log back in xP. hope you are doing well! biggrin
Valenas Report | 09/04/2013 7:56 pm
I miss your mocking.
Valenas Report | 03/07/2013 11:40 am
Ah. That sucks that you cannot get it.
Valenas Report | 03/02/2013 9:10 pm
What were you waiting for?
Valenas Report | 04/14/2012 7:35 pm
I got no alert to say that you left a comment on my journal. In any case, I am sure that it would be longer than that. You are always up to something interesting.