M e & O n l y, M e ♥

Heeeyyy, I'm Julie(:
Send Me Presents On November 14.
My Favorite Color's Greeeen!(:
I Many Times Have Random Behavior.
And I Follow The Rule Of " If You Cant Say Something Nice, Dont Say It At All."
I'm Very Athletic.
Soccer Is My Main Sport. And I Love It (With A Passion)!<3
If Your Gunna Diss Soccer, Dont Even Bother Talking To Me(:
My Team Is My Family...
Fam(ily)<3 And Friends Are Everything To Me, And Nothing Will Ever Change That.
If You Ask Who's My Bestfriend, You Will Get Like 12 Different Answers(:
Music Teachs Me To Live Freely<3
I'm Not Shady...I'm True. I Dont Judge.
You Can Tell Me Anything And I Promise I Will Listen(:
And, No, I Dont Give Out My Number To People On Gaia..I Dont Want Some Stalker Calling Or Texting Me(:
Annnnnnddd, For The People Who Dont Know Me, I'm Pretty Chill.
Sooooo On That Note, You Should Add Me...It's Okayy, I Dont Bite(:

Nuff Said....Goodbye<3
Looooveee, Julie(: