Sori HacKiinq the Bestiies Page

diis be sorii aka ms.strwbrry hackinqq the wiifey's paqe... firsst thinq fiirst STOP HATING... if yuh have a problem with her then deal witt itt... well anyway... i love this gurl to death.. idk what id do without her... we've been through so much i kno i can count on her for anything... ive known her for like 10 years and nothing ever gets old... we love being around each other and i dont think itll ever change... she is juss simply amazing... and idk anyone who wouldnt lubb her; lol.. she is very sentimental emotional... pero who isnt... well right now im missing her alot... summer o9 is here.. pero we keep in contact 24/7... i can go on and on about this chiick pero i only have so much time.. well i hope u enjoyed my brief message... wanna kno more about her juss ask for a request and comment... ily gennii
-ms. strwbrry :]