About Me

Hello, how are you? Fine? Good to hear. I am a very antisocial individual I'm sorry to say. Most of my friends here would say I don't talk much. Pfft. I think they talk too much if you ask me. Anyways in my free time I enjoy watching anime. Mystery is my favorite genre. I don't read manga as much as I used to nowadays though. I am not into any hardcore mmo's like League. I am into the simple games like zOMG god rest its soul. Yes yes I am a flithy casuals.

I see that a lot of my friends have been feeling pretty down because of zOMG getting shut down. Saying goodbye to all the memories that we shared. All the friends that we lost contact with. Losing that home that we visit or escape to. It's like we lost a chunk of ourselves but it's because we have that leftover scar that we remain connected. "It's ok to cry, but you have to move on"

...maybe I'm overreacting.
I find myself using emotes less and less as I get older.