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gaia_diamond Hello there. My name is Twilight_Dwagon, or Twi for short. I am 20 years old and have been on Gaia for a very long time. On top of being a Gaian, I have two tumblr accounts: twilightdwagon and foreversilentvivienne. Feel free to follow me. As for my personal life, I am a junior in college and currently studying Computer Science. I am also an instructor at a kempo karate studio in my hometown. I live in CT, USA so my time zone is Eastern Standard Time. If we roleplay and you notice that we are hardly on at the same time, it may be due to time gaps.

Roleplaying Guidelines:

gaia_diamond I 99% of the time only roleplay fandoms. For a list of fandoms and pairings that I am currently looking for, click here. This does not mean, however, that I will not roleplay with you. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss plots and sorts. The only reason I do not like original plots is because I find that it is very difficult to stay on the same page as someone.

gaia_diamond Ditching. I have been ditched numerous times and it irritates me. I apologize to whoever I unintentionally ditch because of lost PMs and what-nots. If I seem to have ditched you, please PM me and we can discuss what the issue is.

gaia_diamond Pairings. I tend to do strictly Heterosexual pairings with my main characters. That is what I am comfortable with. However, I may be up to M// or F// on the side.

gaia_diamond Threads? PMs? I prefer threads because I enjoy making layouts for each character. I am open to PMs because I find that I sometimes reply to them quicker than to threads. They also tend to be lost easier since I get a lot of traffic in my inbox.

gaia_diamond For samples, click here.

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Fairy Ellette (Sleeves)
Josie's Journey (Eyes)
Seven Day Empathy (Skirt (Under Skirts))
Counterfeit Mistress (Necklace)
In Silence I Kill (Skeletal Ribbons)
Rainy Day (Layered Rain Boots)
Dionaesil (Flower Hairpin)
Serene Green (Hair (with SC agape))
Divinity Court Lucia (Top)
Cool Cutie Pigtails (Tea Green with Sketchbook Hairpins)
Erlking Ears Type A
Human A Potion
Lovely Lucie (Young Lady's Cosmetics)
Bunny March (Mouth)
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt
Petit Cherie (Skirt)
Nurse Hazard (Syringe Belt)


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HAPPY BIRTDAY!! cat_4laugh
Spaced Out Lover

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Spaced Out Lover

happy birthday yum_strawberrypie
Lady Venger

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Lady Venger

nice avi!
Angel Bruja

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Angel Bruja

Your avi is pretty.
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

I apologize for that, I pray you don't assume me a jack@ss just by asking. sad
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

Are you a dot hack(.hack) fan by chance?
Something about your name seems so familiar.

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Thanks for shopping! Have a Great Wee!!
Lucky Llama

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Lucky Llama

Thank you for your purchase! yum_puddi

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Thank you for your purchase. Have a good day yum_puddi

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okay its Derik smile YOU BETTER NOT HAVE SOLD ALL MY s**t! you are supposed to keep it all smile


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