Anna,Alex,Amanda,and especially Kumar:
Thank You for being such a friend to me,Oh I pray a friend for life.And have I ever told you how much you mean to me?Oh you're everything to meThinking all the time how to tell you what I feel,Contemplating phrases....I'm gazing at eternity,I am floating in serenity...

"...And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds, they are immune to your consultations, they're quite aware of what they're going through..."
-David Bowie

Hello.well I dont really know how to describe myself.um..okay. When I was little,even though I knew ketchup wasn't blood, I stayed away from it.My name is Bianca and I am 1_ years young.I was born on January...so unfortunatly meh Birthday is NEXT year...I am a fillipino.But I live in Sunny California;how fun.My bestest friends are: Anna,Alex,Amanda,Bhupinder,and Sarah.

I'm a fan of neo surreal Art.My favorte book;or books are the Twilight series.I'm with the Vampires,of course,but don't give me any crap about it.I bought the book way before the movie came out.Some of these Anti-twilighters are soo shallow They say it sucks when they really have never even read the book.Pathetic. But I'm not saying the movie was"awesome"I,myself thought it could do better.Though I am a fan, I don't over obsess over it,unlike some people.Is'nt it cute when people who aren't very fond of The series tend to talk about it more then others?Example:some of my friends.(but I still love 'em)But enough with that,let's learn more about me: favorite Bands are: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (FTW)The Used, Pency Prep,Paramore,(call me a Parawhore)Flyleaf,Fall Out Boy,Panic At The Disco,We The Kings and more.I'm a big fan of Josh Radin,Jon Mclaughlin,Jim Sturgess,and Gary Jules.I love the Beatles!
Im shorter than Frank Iero( if you know who that is) i'm 5'2.My used-to-be -friend ERIC says that I'm emo and I think he's right..I hate random friend requests,fake people,The Jonas Brothers(They're fruits who are tone deaf),Miley Cirus(Ew..),(Any Disney Channel "stars")and Preppy kids. I'm single[in gaia], an Aquarius,a Tiger,and a girl.I guess that's it then.Goodbye.

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