Hey, there peeps! Name's Twiggy and I'm a female (if my avatar confuses you) 23-year-old university student, but as far as personal information goes, that's all you're getting out of me! I enjoy video games and anime (as the details section already explains) and I consider myself to be a bit wacky. I absolutely LOVE to use crazy-sounding voices in my every day life and also like to mimic voices that I think sound particularly cool. It would be fan-freaking-tastic if I ever happen to land a voice-acting job, but being in the little podunk town that I live in, it doesn't offer many opportunities. Now, I like to make new friends, RP, and get random PMs from people, but please don't ask me to do suggestive one-on-ones with you... Twiggy no like cybering.

You may be wondering, "Hey, what's with the Overlord bit?" Well, I'll happily tell you. You see, as everyone at some point has, I've got it in my mind that I want to take over the world. I will not lie, I aim to be quite tyrannical, but don't even try to overthrow me. I'm currently raising a Twig army. >w>

Anywho, if you have any questions (reasonable questions), feel free to contact me.

And I do have favorite pairings, but I'm kinda hesitant to openly discuss them. Especially since they're not popular and pretty obscure. If you're curious, I suppose you could ask, but please don't get offended or say mean things. crying

Also, don't forget to add my Nova Scotia account: The Ocean Playground

And if you're interested, check out what I've written on FF.net. My pename is Necronesia.

I feel kinda perverted for looking this up, but...

Length of Southern Ontario: 815km/506miles
Length of Florida: 725km/450miles

Sorry, Alfred... Mattie's bigger. xD;
Also puts Prussia's "five meters" to great shame.