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Who am I? Do you really want to know?

~ I'm 22 years old.
~ I'm straight.
~ I have a mule account. Her name is Ispria Ruenwell.
~ I'm a friendly person, but I don't accept random friend requests. All of the people in my friends list I've talked to before.
~ I hate chatspeak. If I can't even figure out what you're saying, don't bother talking to me.
~ Do not waste your time asking me for items or gold. I will ignore you. The only people worthy of such things are those who don't bother others looking for it. I do give out items every once in a while, but my selection is based on random things of my choosing.
~ I like all kinds of music (except most rap), but my favorite genre is rock. My favorite band/artist changes depending on the day. My current favorite is Muse.
~ I live in the United States. No, I will not tell you what state or city. I'm not stupid.
~ My favorite color is blue, but I really like green too.
~ I don't really fit into any clique. I'm not prep, jock, emo, goth, etc. I guess you could put me in the miscellaneous category. ^_^
~ I'm currently in college trying to major in Graphic Design.
~ I love playing video games. I have a Playstation 2 and 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS Lite, Gameboy Advance, and Nintendo 64. My favorites are the Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS although I have a soft spot for the N64.
~ My favorite games are Kingdom Hearts (all of them), Final Fantasy (VII, VIII, IX, X, XII), Xenosaga (I and II), Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Legend of Zelda (especially Majora's Mask), Chrono Cross, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Okami, Folklore, LittleBigPlanet, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia, and The World Ends With You
~ I've played at least part of every main Final Fantasy except III, and XI. I think XI is evil because it requires an online fee to play.
~ I love watching anime. (I've watched Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, Star Ocean EX, Digimon, Beyblade, Tsubasa: RESERVoir Chronicles, Chobits, Darker Than Black, Love Hina, and a little bit of Shinzo and Death Note etc. I want to watch Bleach, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.)
~ I also like to read manga. Right now I'm reading Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Tsubasa: RESERVoir Chronicle, Phoenix Requiem, Maid-Sama, and Wallflower.
~ I love to read. J.K. Rowling is my favorite author. Yes, I love Harry Potter. If you think that is childish, I really don't care. Ron and Snape are my favorite characters, followed by Sirius and Fred.
~ I hate it when teenagers say that they think that Johnny Depp is hot and that they want to marry him. HE'S OVER 40. Find someone your own age! If you're going to ooh and aah over him, do it for his acting ability (which I happen to think is superb, by the way), not for his looks.
~ I'm phobic about lightning.
~ I play the piano and I love it. I've been playing for 14 years.
~ I love shipping. I can't help it. My favorite ship is Draco/Ginny from Harry Potter. I'm not one of those obsessed people who freak out when their ship doesn't float though. I know full well that there was no way my ship would work and I'm fine with that. That's what fanfiction is for. I also like Balthier/Ashe, Sonny/Chad, Han/Leia, Axel/Larxene, Ten/Rose, Ron/Hermione, Caspian/Susan, Jr./MOMO, Jareth/Sarah (but only when she's over 20), Tamaki/Haruhi, and Kyo/Tohru. I'm not a fan of yaoi/yuri, incest, cross generations, or Harry/Hermione.
~ I like to type. (As if you couldn't tell...)
~ One word that describes me perfectly: 'random'.

Donations are love <3

Here are all of the lovely people who have donated things to me:

bluemoonesp - 400 gold, tokens, flower, bachelor's credits ^_^
Anonymous - 4th Anniversary Roman Candle (Thank you so much whoever you are!)
zeketheorc - 100,000 gold (Thank you so very much!)
Nero_J - 49 tickets
VladimirXO - Autumn glory (Thank you so much! ^_^)
funny coolgirl19 - Green ink smile
Color mi Amazing - Black, green, and white ink ^^
EchoesAndSilence - Tickets and green, blue, brown, red, yellow, and black ink (Thank you so much!)
mariko08 - Tickets and tokens (Thanks! ^^)

If I forgot to list anybody, I'm really sorry. I forget to put people on this list sometimes. If you did donate to me and aren't on the list, tell me and I'll fix it.

Randomness is a virtue

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by Veiss Wynd ^_^

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Lovely Genie Double Silver Earrings
Gray Peasant Gloves
Black Holographic Eyepiece
Black GetaGRIP Headband
Black Leather Pom-Pom Boots
Black Fishnet Stockings
Soft Black Underwear
Ash Hot Top
Gothic Veil
Gothic Veil

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Join. Because bananas are a yellow fruit that also make a delicious pudding. Shawn says so.

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[b:b7c3e19ded]I'm questing ink. Especially[/color:b7c3e19ded] black, white,[/color:b7c3e19ded] and[/color:b7c3e19ded] green[/color:b7c3e19ded] ink. And tickets.
I'd appreciate donations. ^_^[/color:b7c3e19ded][/b:b7c3e19ded]

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XMr-ButtonsX Report | 08/16/2011 11:55 pm
tweth ;3; are u alive still -le poke-
XMr-ButtonsX Report | 12/18/2010 11:18 am
im doing pritty good n-n its good to hear from you
but yea iv been busy as well im working alot
XMr-ButtonsX Report | 12/17/2010 11:08 pm
ello tweth o-w i dont hear from you enymore are u
XMr-ButtonsX Report | 11/10/2010 12:59 am
hey tiff owo how are you
otaku1412 Report | 09/08/2010 3:22 pm
Thanks... xd
wariodude128 Report | 07/04/2010 7:36 pm
Thanks for agreeing with my proposal. It would be great if you could tell people you know about it so that there can be more support for it. Anyway, hope you do this so we can have something exciting happen in jigsaw for once.
XMr-ButtonsX Report | 02/22/2010 11:31 pm
hay there lovly lady how are you doing today ^^ i like realy miss you >< were are you
XMr-ButtonsX Report | 02/01/2010 8:16 am
colass has started up for me as to ans i enjoy it to i have some uv my friends in it ^^ but its good to here from you
XMr-ButtonsX Report | 01/31/2010 2:40 pm
hay there lovly this is vladimirx0 my profile got hacked soo plzs delete my old account and add this one like realy miss you alot >< wer have you been
Mighty huney Report | 08/10/2009 7:28 pm
Mighty huney
thnx 4 buying
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