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my name is cj
i'm 12 yrs old
plz be nice to me

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therapeuticSmile Report | 02/08/2012 6:34 pm
what you doing? heart
BigMacMeal Report | 10/12/2010 2:53 am
Haha, aww thats really sweet of you.
It's nice to get a compliment by someone cute like you.
really nice and refreshing.
BigMacMeal Report | 10/12/2010 2:44 am
Haha, well you dont need to be happy about it at all
pokey oaks Report | 05/31/2010 3:22 pm
goodness you are purdy
Giyanki Report | 05/31/2010 12:54 pm
Oh I love LA! I fly through there semi annually and usually try to stay for a few days. People are beautiful, the weather is fantastic, and there is just so much to do anywhere you go. Plus there are lots of weirdos to keep you entertained while walking from point A to point B.

Snowboarding eh?
We have like 3 good places to board within an hour of here. The only good thing about Idaho. In fact, I think there is still snow on the mountains to this day. It snowed like two weeks ago up there.
Giyanki Report | 05/30/2010 7:02 pm
But pays the bills. Versatile.
I’m going to University of Idaho this fall for pre-law, hopefully. Kind of wish I had a passion in life other than sleeping and eating.

Ooh California. Sounds like a plan. You know what would be fun? To surf. Everytime I think California I just get this mental image of a Hollister advertisement and some sort of ‘surfs up’
Giyanki Report | 05/30/2010 6:51 pm
Just finished highschool.
Never realized how much more simple life is without it.
Less insecurity, more time to do absolutely nothing.

You still living in Texas?
And congratulations! What degree?
Giyanki Report | 05/30/2010 6:40 pm

How the hell have you been? It's been like two years... or some amount of time... I dont know I quit for a while.
gabegabegabegabe Report | 05/30/2010 5:33 am
your profile made me lol.
Fremere Report | 05/23/2010 12:09 am
britney is the queen hope u kno and understand that mister gaga is a tranny with some hot tracks

nah you'll just be someones b***h but its ok ill tell ever1 ur with me and they'll be scared, im like blair waldorf from GG around here ill teach u the ways to become a *~*~*~CoLDbItCh*~*~*

i know one time we showered together (fully clothed, i tend to do that w. ppl when im drunk) and she just got fully naked and i was like O___O and fell down with my shower curtains trying 2 get out





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