I'm not one to talk about myself but...

4laugh Hi! I'm Bow. 4laugh

your local friendly boi
Hello! If y'all wondering about me, I am at the peak age of 16 but so far it ain't sweet. sad I'm an open minded person who loves to make friends! We can bond over the pains of being alive and our responsibilities. I love music and YouTube. I have many hobbies and learning languages is one of them, so I'm nearly multilingual!
Started listening to rap and trap just a bit ago so if you know any good songs/artists, hit me up. I'm pretty chill. I don't know. I like everything.
I have a lot of interests and love to talk. (But never have the courage to do so.) PM me since I don't have much friends nor a life... Be my friend! I don't bite!

last updated: 3/20/2k18