Ok first off you should know me(of course it's my profile). My name is Jesse, was born on October 30th which I think is awsome. I am a writer that is working in on a million stories, i know i rock XP. Well I am born in the year of the monkey and I happen to be a scorpio(We make your socks rock off lol). Never give me any skittles or anything that involves pop or I will go insane and become very HYPER!!! I happen to be very crazy in gerneral. Just ask my friends they will tell you I am. smile If you actually want to talk about anything or anything just sent me a pm or post a comment

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Total Value: 51,080 Gold, 27,500 Tickets
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Long-Stem Red Rose
Red Sketchbook
Summoning Tome
Black Tribal Right Arm Tattoo
Black Tribal Left Arm Tattoo
Black GetaGRIP Headband
Beat Slim Black Shoes
Romani Glasses
Black Leather Belt
Red Class Sock
Hot Basic Skirt
Berry Tavern Wench's Bustier
Joker Collar red-black
GO Phones
Red Tribal Bottom Tattoo

What I like: Now friends don't take it the wrong way(lol i did). I Love to write Poems, stories, and other things. love the color red and the number 8 because it's awsome. Animals are amazing I have some. My favorite food has to be either Chicken, Mashed potatos, or ice(if it is a food). I love all my friends, even though the can be a pain sometimes(love ya all!)

What I Hate: I hate people who chew with their mouth open it is just sick!!! Spiders or any type of bug and people who stare!! I don't like people who are mean to my friends and if someone is mean to them i will get them back ten-fold!!(With my high heels lol).

Ok There has been something going on and i want to know....who it is! Someone sent me my flowers that I am holding right now and I must say that was very sweet and the thing is they did not tell me who they were. Also Someone sent me a mask and i have to say it is pretty cool. Now i want to know who it is so tell me now or somehow I will find you....somehow...I WANT TO KNOW!!

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If you want to know more about me you must be mad like me ^^. But if you really do make sure that you send me a pm and we can talk. Also if you need help of advice i am here for you guys!


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I pretty much just write about what I feel like unless I really dont want to show it publically. Also I post parts to my stories or most of the time poems of whatever. comment them because if i want to be a writer I need you guys to give me your real



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Nice page. You need to help me with mine. lmao!!!!

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Hey guys this is Jesse on my side account. sadly my old account(this one) was hacked(notice the no clothes). I am unable to get onto my main account so please find this one and add me as a friend.

Love you all pplz!! XD

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hey i did and it was really kool it desrved a 10 great job!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*hangs out w/your music*

thanx!!! sweet profile..luv it

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Remedy Forgotten

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Remedy Forgotten

i lost the game DX

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i was wondering if you will be my frend you sound really kool my user edward_kitten
Naruto battle

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Naruto battle

yeah cool avi how you been

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Remedy Forgotten

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Remedy Forgotten

IM RED!!!!
Remedy Forgotten

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Remedy Forgotten

XD ty


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