➽➽ ❙❙❚❚ Vοηgοlα !¡ ✘✘✘

Hey everyone, my name is Tsunayoshi Sawada, and I just wanted to leave a bit about me, I'm only about fifteen and the Tenth boss of a mafia for cripes sake! Its awful some of it, but with my family by my side I can get through anything!

I'm not to brave, I have no opinions and people just really tend not to like me for some reason, so I'm really thankful for the friends I have. Mom and dad are great supportive people who'd take in just about anyone..Well, mom would..

I can't really say much more, there's a lit to be done around here!

I really gotta go now! Bye!

✮ ω α η η α ❘✗❘ c h α τ? ✮

✮ A ❘✗❘ l ε τ τ ε r ❘✗❘ f ο r ❘✗❘ m ε ?! ✮