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Tuggle says:

I'm sending out plenty of love and good wishes.



Last Login: 09/09/2014 11:14 am

Registered: 08/31/2006

Gender: Female

Location: In the Hood

Birthday: 05/15/1989

A Litte About Tugs

-- Basics --
Name - Maggie
HomeTown - OKC, Oklahoma
Current Residence - Oklahoma
Eye Color - Hazel Green
Hair Color - Brown
Height - 5'6
Age - 24
D.O.B. - 5-15-89

-- Random questions --
Righty or Lefty - Righty
Are you single? NO. Love ya babe!

Can you whistle - A bit.
Do you sing in the shower - Errmm. Yesh, sometimes. redface
When you cut something do you switch hands between cutting it and eating it - Um. I don't know...?
Are you a guy - No.
What's your favorite color - Pink.
How does you favorite color make you feel - Fun 4laugh
Are you happy about choosing that answer - Yes
Did you just sneeze - Nope.
Do you have AIM - Nope
What does your ScreenName mean - O.o...
Did you just itch your shoulder - No.
Do you have any facial piercings - No
If you answered yes. Where? If you answered no. Blink your eyes twice.
Did you blink your eyes three times - ....noooo
Are you aware that I wrote twice once and then three after the first time - Say what?
What is on your desk right now - Stars.
Do you love Post-It Notes - Yesh. *sticks one on self*
When I say OMGSCIENCE what do you think of - 'HO MI GOSSH....not science!!
Do you like the :rollingeyes: emote - Yesh.
Do you have a picture of you in your sig - No.
Do you have a picture of you in your journal - Nope.
Do you have a picture of you in your profile - Yes.
What is curly and flies - A Curly Fry?
Do you like peanuts covered in chocolate with nuts on top - Not really a nut person..

-- This one right here right now OR that one over tharr --
Tomorrow or Yesterday - Yesterday
Candy or Chocolate - Chocolate
Cookies or Cake - Both
J or C - J :3
A or I - A
S or E - E



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DoreDaemon Report | 02/03/2016 8:53 am
HI!! How much time!!
The Honorable Mention Report | 04/11/2014 1:20 am
The Honorable Mention
Thank you for buying! whee
wattywatty14 Report | 03/06/2014 3:06 pm
I am doing well, thank you. You?
Sachiko Aijou Report | 03/06/2014 1:16 pm
Sachiko Aijou
Hi therein im doing well how about you?
wattywatty14 Report | 02/25/2014 1:51 pm
Sachiko Aijou Report | 02/25/2014 11:14 am
Sachiko Aijou
4laugh did the link work this time.
Airo Rokkuhauto Report | 02/25/2014 9:40 am
Airo Rokkuhauto
Hello there biggrin
How do you do?
Ninja Momma Report | 02/25/2014 8:42 am
Ninja Momma
Hi there. ^o^
Sachiko Aijou Report | 02/25/2014 1:36 am
Sachiko Aijou
sometimes you have to refresh when it looks like that
Sachiko Aijou Report | 02/25/2014 1:27 am
Sachiko Aijou
oh weird, idk why it did that. It might have been the site I used for that link. I've had the same issues with other tanks


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