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Report | 04/27/2012 12:02 am


Uhm... *chuckles* fire nation? No, I'm from Sunnydale, California. I'm a watcher. Meaning that I lead a bunch of a vampire slayers into battle. May I ask what is a fire nation?
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Report | 04/26/2012 5:59 pm


How are ya? let me introduce myself, the name's Alexander Harris, but most people call me Xander.
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Report | 04/26/2012 3:16 pm


I think maybe talking to Mako isn't as difficult as you think... He respects you, that should make things a whole lot easier already. He takes stuff really seriously too, so I'm sure he wouldn't blow you off. *Lifts his chin just a little higher at hearing he is easier to talk to. He loved his brother, but every now and then it was nice to hear he was better at something.*
Yeah well... easier to talk to maybe, doesn't mean there's not a chance he can help you more with this particular problem. But you're a big girl, I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do. *Grins in her direction*

And yup! It's just up ahead, you can already see it! *In fact, now that she mentioned it he was reminded of his hunger, skipping ahead to the little shop and greeting the owner cheerfully.*
Ah yess!! Window seats!!

[[bedtime for me, goodnight. :3 ]]
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Report | 04/26/2012 2:22 pm


*Tries to emphasize with that but finds it a little difficult. His problem is people not having enough faith in him at times after all. Although admittedly, that did have a reason.*

Well... Think about it. Even Aang had to start somewhere, right? He wasn't born a hero. And then there was the whole being frozen in ice for a hundred years, that was sort of a setback. *Pulls his hands up behind his head as he walks, looking up at the facades of the various buildings as they pass*

I guess it must be tough having everyone expect you to be able to solve all their problems with the snap of your fingers... I'd tell you to tune it out and focus at one thing at a time, but I seriously can't begin to relate to that kind of pressure to be honest. ... Maybe you could try talking to Mako? I mean, it's not the same kind of situation but he's had heavy responsibilities on his shoulders almost all his life. You know, keeping me alive and all. *Sheepish grin, he didn't always make that task very easy* Who knows, maybe he can help more than I can. And don't worry about that Amon guy! We've got your back! Maybe those greybeards at the White Lotus are already hatching a plan!
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Report | 04/26/2012 5:44 am


Yup, you'll find all kinds of people here. I think that's the way Avatar Aang and Firelord Zuko meant for it to be. Well... the diversity part at least. Not so much the... crime and poverty. >>;;

I don't know... does it? If anyone should know it's you, after all, you're the only one who has come closest to doing just that. Besides, it's not like you're on your own. You got the White Lotus and Mako and me, and dozens of others who would be willing to support you!
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Report | 04/25/2012 9:38 pm

Elisia Wyn

Yes. Just yet. Your cosplay is freaking win.

User Image
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Report | 04/25/2012 9:38 pm

Equalist Amon

Twinkle twinkle little star.

I spot a little Avatar.

She thinks she's tough.

She thinks she's strong.

But very soon.

She'll see she's wrong.

Twinkle twinkle little star.

Soon no more little Avatar~
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Report | 04/25/2012 6:57 pm

Sokka Cant Bend

oh hows that working out for ya'? -picks nose and flings boogers-
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Report | 04/25/2012 6:39 pm

Running from the Fangirls

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Report | 04/25/2012 4:58 pm


“But what if we do? Take that into consideration, will ya?” Mako’s finally lost his patience and he sighs, “We’re here to save my brother.” So I believe Pabu can track Bolin scent." -Pabu here track down Bolin scent..so korra can stop calling you cute. > .>
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Report | 04/25/2012 3:02 pm

Sokka Cant Bend

-Watertribe fist pound back- hehe how you been korra.. you know with the whole avatar thing? rolleyes
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Report | 04/25/2012 2:37 pm


Ah-! *Quick to withdraw his hand, dropping the bag of coins in her hand in the process* ... Haha! Is-... is that so? n//__//n; *A little embarrassed at how unreliable an impression he must have made, making a mental note to try harder to seem dependable like Mako. Having her take the money into her custody was an additional blow to his pride.*

I guess-... uh... Yeah, alright. Haha... cute... girls... yeah. >//>;;; *Slumps a little, it's not like he was girl-crazy per se, he just got a little carried away at the sudden new experience of girls paying attention to him ever since he started pro-bending, and attention is something he has always relished.*
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Report | 04/25/2012 2:29 pm

Sokka Cant Bend

heey =]!
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Report | 04/25/2012 2:21 pm


Alright... Yeah... Yeah! I'm sure you'll find a way to write them! *Brightens up considerably, reassured by this*

Well then! World's best soup, here we come! *Leads the way, swinging his wallet by his side. Should really learn to handle money more carefully.*
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Report | 04/25/2012 1:51 pm


But-... But it's so important! And don't think of it as our money, we're a team now! We're all in it together, so what's ours is yours! I mean, it will take weeks for us to win the tournament... and getting letters from stiff old men can't be the same as getting one from you personally. *Furrows his brows slightly in thought, he wouldn't think twice about writing to his parents if they were still alive*
So uh... Just think about it alright? And let me know if you change your mind.
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Report | 04/25/2012 1:39 pm


Alrighty then~ Let's see here~

Ah-... *Smile fades as he looks over the pricelist of the messenger hawks* The Southern Water Tribe is really far away... If we send a letter, we won't have enough for the world's best soup... Is that okay? We can always go try it some other time, you'll be around for a while after all! *Tries to sound upbeat again* Today we'll just have the world's best appetizer instead!
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Report | 04/25/2012 1:16 pm


Haha yeah they do have them here! Not many but... It's the best way to send things anonymously, so it's never quite died out. And we get people from all over the world here, a lot of them have family or friends which aren't covered by modern delivery systems. *Blushes slightly at the compliment, puffing out his chest* Yeah well~ You know... Family's important and all! Just let your parents know you're with a reliable guy. I mean... with two reliable friends. Of course. Hey, do they get to hear our matches on the radio?! *hopeful*
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Report | 04/25/2012 1:14 pm

I am Melon Lord

True that D;
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Report | 04/25/2012 1:04 pm


Haha, I guess it's just how I am~? You gotta show some optimism if you wanna make it in this city! You know I always say tha-... *Comes to an abrupt halt, tracing back a few steps*

Hey! I just had an idea! *Points at a tiny stand with several messenger hawks*

You should write your parents! They must be worried about you being all alone in this big city! Messenger hawks are super traditional and sort of outdated but... I bet these little ones can even reach isolated little villages like your home tribe! *Doesn't mean to sound condescending.*
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Report | 04/25/2012 12:53 pm

I am Melon Lord

I wouldn't rely on her >_>;

she was wrong about her cloud reading anyways.
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