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[Note: I cosplay and roleplay as the character Korra from Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Posts will be in character unless otherwise noted by OOC brackets. I'm a copycat roleplayer, I return what I'm given, so don't be afraid to paragraph it up. 8D]

Succeeding Aang after his death, Korra was found by the White Lotus at a young age and trained nearly her whole life to master the elements. Now, at the age of seventeen, she has mastered Water, Earth, and Firebending. What remains for her is Airbending, which she must learn from the previous Avatar's son, Tenzin. However, Korra's intensely straightforward and hot headed nature prove to be difficult to meld around the free-spirit and flowing Airbending style.

While on a sojourn to Republic City, she encountered the brothers Mako and Bolin, and joined their Pro Bending team, the Fire Ferrets. However, danger lurks as Amon, the mysterious leader of an organization called the Equalists, stands in the way of peace in Republic City, and poses a threat to Korra and benders everywhere.

Other Info

Age: Seventeen

Partner: Polar bear Dog - Naga

Currently Learning: Airbending

Alliance: White Lotus

Preferred Element: Despite being born a Waterbender, Korra prefers to use Firebending in combat.

Favorite Food: Meat

Completed Outfits

Fire Ferrets: Pro-Bending Outfit

Casual Korra

Airbending Korra

Firebending Korra

Disguise Korra

Original Outfits
[Because I'm awesome like that]

Works in Progress

Young Korra

Formal Korra


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"Hello, Korra I'd haven't heard from you awhile?. Mako stood there and gave her a serious look. User Image
iOnomatopoeia SC

Report | 05/02/2012 6:53 pm

iOnomatopoeia SC

Amazing Korra Avi dear ^^

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Yeah, no, I get it. I mean... obviously I don't get it, I'm not a girl. Or... the Avatar so... but.... yeah. It's cool! *Awkward coolpose against the lean of his chair*

Are you sure? The egg rolls are pretty small, you seem like you need a lot more to bring you through a day. *Not meant to be offensive*

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Mako rubbed his eyelids as he pulled the worn out mattress towards the stairs. Half his mind was wondering what the time was while the other was thinking about the massive headache he would wake up with the following morning. They had just come back from a victory party at the local bar and even he had joined in with the festivity. He smiled thinking about the step closer they were to winning the tournament. Once they won the competition everything would get better. Just enjoy tonight and worry about everything tomorrow he told himself. He adjusted the mattress so he could carry it more easily and started to climb the stairs to the little floor which their beds lay. "Need help with that?" he heard Korra say from the top of the stairs. There was Korra. At the top of the stairs. In a shirt that reached mid thigh. His shirt. With questionable amount of clothing underneath.

He wonders if he could tell korra that she was indeed a good team player. [/size]
Katara the Bloodbender

Report | 05/02/2012 9:37 am

Katara the Bloodbender

How different? *speaking like an old lady*

Firebender Mako

Report | 05/01/2012 7:17 pm

Firebender Mako

Mako's face flushed at the accusation, yet he knew it wasn't completely false. A tinge of guilt crept into his throat; although he wanted to deny it, he couldn't bring himself to. His own pride opposed that right.
He knew Amon was a dangerous threat to Republic City.. and the rest of the bending world, for that matter. However, it had yet to occur to him that the Equalist leader wasn't just the Avatar's adversary.. but his, as well. Despite having a personal vendetta against him (recalling Bolin's previous abduction) he felt that the battle was not his own. Upon realizing Korra's distress, however, Mako instantly regretted this decision.

The firebender followed the Avatar's actions, and in an effort to justify himself, strengthened his composure to make it seem more convincing.
"It.. it wasn't like I could refuse! What was I supposed to say? 'Sorry, I can't do tonight because I have to practice taking down a lethal Equalist leader'?," he frowned, gesturing his arms to further emphasize the topic. Although he wanted to add that Asami wasn't his girlfriend, he had mixed feelings about their relationship. Surely they couldn't just be friends after their multiple rendezvouses. Deep down, however, he felt as though the relationship could be nothing more than skin-deep; something that reassured, yet made him feel hopeless at the same time. Though.. he wasn't sure why.

[Haha, alright! I should warn you that I may be a bit delayed on my replies. It takes me a while to get everything together, especially when I tend to over-think. sweatdrop ]
Akuryo Taisen

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Akuryo Taisen

Hey there, long time no see. . u .
Katara the Bloodbender

Report | 04/30/2012 8:50 pm

Katara the Bloodbender

Hey Korra ^^;

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"whoa! how did you do that?!" Xander said excitedly. "And Holy water is regular water that is blessed."
Legend  Korra

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Legend Korra

hey thanks for the add biggrin
My beautiful clone lol


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