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_Hi! I'm Tsumetai Fuyuki. Nice to meet you! ☕

_PC games I play are Stardew Valley and League of Legends.

_My favorite games are Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles,
_Mario Sunshine, Pokemon Ruby, and Legend of Zelda Wind
_Waker. My favorite anime is Full Metal Alchemist _Brotherhood and One Piece.

_I like to code in HTML, CSS, and JS and I coded most parts
_of this profile. I did get a few parts of the code from
_other sources W3 - scroll, cursor, and my bff Mayki.


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RichChanLikesTacos Report | 11/08/2019 7:25 am
Saw your bio, just saying i love the pokemon games on gba
Maykii Report | 04/12/2019 9:48 pm
Cute new profile! Nice music too. smile
[~Fauna~] Report | 07/27/2018 12:01 am
she's awesome at ghosting.. I told her that one of my goals here at gaia is to put together a hundred avis in my wardrobe which i'm all set up to do finally.. from about the 20th avi in our wardrobes gaia insists that instead of buy new slots with gold/plat that we switch over to GCash.. got some help with it at first by winning a GCash card in a contest but I had to save up enough for the rest so I've got enough GCash to get to 100.. after that gaia says we can go back to gold/plat for more slots

they better not make me go back to GCash or i'm gonna be so upset bout it!
anyways.. asked her to help me create a bunch for me so she's been working on new ones for me.. and I tip/pay her 1bil more for each one that I add to my wardrobe
you should go check out all the avis she's done for me!! emotion_bigheart
you can tell her to use items not in your inventory and give her a budget of how much you'll allow her to go outside of your inventory but I told her only to work with what I own since i'm super poor but I have plenty to work with.. and her work is amazing!
I can only do sexy avis but she adds color to sexy for me.. they're so pretty too ~ she has my taste down exactly!! emotion_dowant

lol if you give me your #s lol i'll torture myself through one and show you how awful I am at them.. kinda funny that as bad as I am that i'd start filling up my wardrobe with a bunch of awful ones but I always sorta needed the wardrobe to design new avis.. so that's how I got started on wanting to get to 100.. so I can keep creating bad avis!! sweatdrop

I have an awful time remembering items.. but I can remember which avis used them before so I can always pop up one of them to find the item.. however to save my current work on the new avi I always needed an empty slot in my wardrobe.. so that's how I need a big wardrobe

lol I told her I was sending you over to her.. but you're not the first that I've sent
I know you'll be impressed! 3nodding
[~Fauna~] Report | 07/26/2018 2:00 am
lol wait.. lol

the avi you commented on was sort of thrown together because one of the items was gifted to me earlier today.. THIS is the avi the girl made for me..
you do know that ghosting means that I've given her permission to look at my items in my inventory and let her create whatever she wants right?
she should be charging 1000p for these but she does them for free..

I am giving you a link to go to her thread and if you use your #numbers from your profile which identifies your account (at the end of the address)
so if you pop by my profile my address has this 4820132

if you went to your Avatar Builder you could put that number in and be able to see my invo and build an avatar out of it like she is doing..
you don't hafta do anything like that but if you don't know bout any of this you'll be getting a lesson in! wink

so I've posted in her thread and told her this may be your first time getting ghosted and all you need to do is post your number for her..
you can suggest for her to use things or not do things and she's good at putting something nice together so give her a chance

here's the link..
[~Fauna~] Report | 07/25/2018 7:42 pm
lol i'm glad my profile doesn't give you a headache though you're one of the few that say that! stressed
and as much as i'd like to have a cute avi I have no idea how to create "cute" avis
my sexy fairy was my work and yea I can do sexy ~ have hard time not getting labeled LEWD gonk
I found a girl that likes ghosting peeps and I've begged her to help me create something that's still me..
and she has the exact idea of what I like but can never create on my own.. this is her work i'm wearing atm!! emotion_awesome

oh.. when you get your profile to a point you like it ~ give me a "hey you!" so I can check it out again!
when I get your comments it doesn't take me over to your profile and until you say it's good it's still a WIP
i'll peek at it whenever you wanna share again!! emotion_bigheart
[~Fauna~] Report | 07/24/2018 11:40 pm
you do a lot more work than i'll ever know how to do on a profile
mine is cluttered but simple to add pics to mess up everything
you're a real coder at least! sweatdrop
[~Fauna~] Report | 07/06/2018 9:09 pm
guess you're gonna hafta spend more than just one day on your profile
I spent weeks on mine..
you should've seen it at xmas burning_eyes
[~Fauna~] Report | 07/06/2018 8:55 pm
most peeps say they hate my profile ~ thanks for being sweet but I know I did a bad job on it
[~Fauna~] Report | 07/06/2018 8:40 pm
your pointer doesn't show up so it's hard to comment or click anything on your profile

yours is simple and clean
I cluttered the hello out of my profile ~ scary mess there
bethanyann010 Report | 07/06/2018 8:33 pm
Your profile is amazing! heart


RichChanLikesTacos on 11/08/2019




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