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Crimson is for the Blood that many of us shed during our battles, Black is for the Darkness that surrounds us, and Gold is the flame of Light that will carry us through the Darkness

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The Drakon banner is created by me. Please do not use, or take without my permission! Thank you.

Well I tried to leave here, and it backfired. Mainly because people that are close to me are still here. My real name is only for some to know, and the rest to wonder You may call me Tsukiryu or Angel. I am 28 years old living the life of an adult so I won't be on here too much. I am also an artist, and a creator for IMVU. I try to balance out my time here as well as IMVU. I was formally known as Dragoness Alyria on here, the first female to create a Dragon community, but got banned for a mistake I made on another account. I am a Tier one paragraph role player, and I prefer to rp more than I prefer to have friends on these sites. I do enjoy Naruto, anything having to do with fantasy, and Poke'mon. I am an old soul, but I am a kid at heart in some ways too. I love music, but what has been coming out lately, I cannot consider to be music. I like to dance, sing, draw, and I enjoy quiet spaces. I have a zero tolerance policy for drama.

I have very few close friends but ,each of them have a part of me. I am quick to love, slow to hate if there is a connection with another. Otherwise I most likely will keep quiet. I won't take it lightly if someone messes with someone close to me. I don't like conflict, especially when its with those I deem close. You mess with my friends, or anyone I love, you are taking a stab at me. Once you do that, prepare for the consequences, because I WILL make your life a living hell. I do not have time for petty children, so act your age. Not your shoe size. I despise alchohol, and drugs, so its best to not talk about it around me. Reasons are for me to know, and you to keep your nose out of. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.