About Me:
I'm someone shy and timid
yet I have lots of friends...
They say I'm nice
but i had fights I couldn't count...
I am quiet
but I've blabbered a million words...
I'm not dumb
but i've made tons of mistakes...
I'm not a stealer
but i've stolen many secrets...
I'm not a stranger
but I don't seem to know myself
I'm understanding
but i don't understand...


Well, I am SHY but my friends come to me.....
I am said to be nice but i fought with my sister a lot of times
I am quiet
but ever since i was 3 i've already said a few words!
I'm not dumb....but even I make mistakes
I'm not a stealer...but those game cheats come in handy...
I'm not a stranger...but I don't know myself very well yet...
I am understanding.......but i have feelings i don't understand at all!

Corny huh!
I'm Yanna, a 13 year old theresian from the Philippines. I like making friends and uhhhh......I love Kingdom hearts and anime...and uhhh, well uh..the poem thingy above said about everything I can think of.
My GaiaFamily:
Seijimaru- Big bro!
Shirukuhime- Big sis!
Now that there's school, I'll be online every saturday.....

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Inside my thoughts-TsukimomoYAN's Journal

My journal is like a bestfriend...oh...wait, that's a diary. Well, then it's where I put my thougts of people or events. I don't plan to harm people using this diary, I plan to use it for world domination! Joke! I plan to express myself using



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hey i was reading my old comments and i noticed you. ^^
i am shirukuhime, your gaia sister, remember? <3
how have you been? still coming to gaia once in a while? ~

Report | 03/28/2010 9:22 am


You're such a good in arts...Like ur avatar n ur page...

Report | 08/20/2009 9:09 am


hello there
Happy birthday
to u
hope that everything comes ture
and best wishes
sorry if this is one day late or early...
well anyway happy birthday again
have a great one
Wandering Djinn

Report | 06/03/2009 11:44 pm

Wandering Djinn

Wandering Djinn

Report | 06/01/2009 10:38 pm

Wandering Djinn

OMG! Hey!
Long time no see!

Report | 06/01/2009 8:27 am


OWO-->pronounce it litteraly XD yur..yur..ONLINE?!?!! what happened to not using gaia anymore huh TwT pokes with shoulders huh huuuh? *while raises eyebrows with a smirk

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*poke* hihi =D

Report | 05/22/2009 9:52 pm


hey. online ka XD

Report | 04/26/2009 5:17 am


hey great page...
well my name is Lucy
whats urs?
- m o s h i m e l l o w -

Report | 04/23/2009 9:20 pm

- m o s h i m e l l o w -

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"For a moment,
For eternity,
Since the beginning,
Till the furthest ends."
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