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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my page if you actually feel like reading my babel. I hope you don't mind my music too much, it being random and all. But now that your here you might as well get to know a few things about me other then the fact I have no life.

~I'm currently a college student learning fashion, as I want to be a costume designer.
~I'm obviously a huge anime fan.
~I'm not a Weeabo, on the fact I want to properly learn japanese so as I can visit the contry and gather information on their fashion and bring it here to the US.
~I am a perv >B
~I can be a b***h when provoked
~I have poor spelling skills... >>; I can't help it.
~No I will not randomly add you as a friend.. I need to clean my friend list as it is.
~I do draw. If you want to see my art go here: DeviantArt
~I love to cosplay

Now you get to see old s**t info I posted years ago.

My zodiac ^^

I am the snake yay for me!!! I'm so gay(( the good gay not the evil twisted version..>> wink ) and happy!!
The Snake

Years: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037 etc just add 12.
Quailities( positive things): Romantic, Clever, Discreet, Refind, Intelligent
Greievances( negaitve things): Vain, Procrastinator, Hot-Tempered
Sutible Jobs: Teacher(yeah right XD) Philosipher, Writer( I could be I like writing stories I just cant seem too finish when I get far Xp ), Phyciatrist(..... why? ), Furtune Teller
Camptable with: Ox and Rooster
Must aviod: Boar
Ruling Hours: 9 A.M. - 11 A.M.
Season: Spring
Ruling Month: May
Sign Direction: South-South East(SSE)
Fixed Element Fire ( I'm an earth snake )
Corrisonding Western sign: Taurus ( I'm a Virgo)
all this info came from Fruits Basket # 9 its a really good series ^^
~`~`~`~`~`More info on the snake YAY XD`~`~`~`~`~

~~Throughout the ages, Snakes have gotten the short end of the stick and are made out to be the villains like the Great Kaa from the Jungle Book or the fabled serpent in the Garden of Eden. However the Chinese Zodiac sees any negaitve traits in the Snake as it would in any other anmal's dual nature-- as yin and yang.

~~A person born in the year of the snake is endowed with great wisdom and even greater beauty. Like Ayame Sohma( yes this was from the manga....... again XD ), fellow Snakes are very sure of themselve, but are increadibly vain and they like to flaunt what they have. Money comes easly to a Snake, but try to get a Snake to loan a friend a few bucks and their stingy side rears its ugly head. The key to getting Snakes to crack open thier wallet is to catch their sympathy.( not me nice try im poor XDD ) If they see someone that is need or less fortunate then they are, then they collapse like a house of cards.

~~Snakes tend to overdue itwhen it comes to their jobs and prefer to controll rather then lead. This is mainly due to Snakes always look for the limelight. Though heartless at times, Snakes Choose their words very carefully and speak them in a listless, yet causious manner. Depending on the situation the amount of pressure placed upon them, Snakes will either try to lighten up an atmosphere with jokes or emit an icy extierior to stare down the grim tidings.

~~Women born under this sign are very quiet and serene individuals, but mainly because they prefer to let their appearence do the talking. Female Snakes prefer to dress to impress and only wear the finest in clothing and jewlery. Friends are also chosen with a Snakes own self as a key fram of refrence as they prefer to gravitate towards those who are like-minded and trust worthy. Best of all, realationships with snakes are always filled with passion and romance.

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User Image domokun the domo is always right, so... thus, I do own your a** b***h XD


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Tsuki Tamahoshi's Journal ... or is it?

its little thoughts of mine... those under age beware my thoughts! personal feelings are now involved watch out!!!! O.x



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