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Report | 07/26/2007 6:44 pm


sure if i can make it.
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Report | 07/26/2007 6:25 pm


thank you ^^
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Report | 07/26/2007 5:44 pm


Hey, how is it going.
Lil_O_Gwennie's avatar

Report | 07/26/2007 1:14 pm


you pick the place, im no good at picking. i dont go on my profile as much so i might take a while to respond.
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Report | 07/25/2007 7:14 pm


Well it depends on the school.

I mean.. Sensei is a teacher, but could also be a 3rd degree black belt.

As I said, all in the school.
heck_yes_cheerios's avatar

Report | 07/25/2007 9:16 am


Sensei isn't the owner, its just a 3rd degree lack belt.

A Doshi is a 4th degree black belt.

The 5th degree i'm pulling a blank on, because we don't have one in the school.

But the people that OWN the school are kyoshi master's.

6-9 degree black belts.
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Report | 07/25/2007 5:49 am


you know i posted that comment for a reason and im not complaning about cheerios but check the a** below her its funny
heck_yes_cheerios's avatar

Report | 07/24/2007 9:01 pm


You think i'm into internet fighting any more than the next person?

Its not my thing.

Really, it isn't.

Andddd, I didn't see your name on the site I found, sorry!

So until you find me a "correct" site with your name in the top 10, then i'll start believing you.

Oh your a 2nd degree black belt? Me too!

& I can knock my Sensei, AND Doshi (If you even know what those are) on their a**.

Servbot # 13's avatar

Report | 07/24/2007 8:54 pm

Servbot # 13

Let me repeat myself, since you so humbly didn't listen. I'm not with any of them. The merely point that I was trying to make is you shouldn't flutter around your abilities in football or your martial arts skills, because fluttering it around only makes you look like the a** you are.

And since you don't want me to use the word noob, then I will kindly use a different word, you ignorant, unintellectual nit-wit. Is that better for you?
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Report | 07/24/2007 8:31 pm


THe only plp who should talk s**t to me at this point are zetsumie and kuru if they wish to argue because they diserve it but for the rest of you bitches that jsut came to comment on my professions or my hobbies or my life plz dont because u have nothing to say to me about how my life runs when u havent figured out yours or even begu nto see a glimps of mine so plz dont jsut sit here tryen to sahow me up because the plp who already have realise they have lost and the only reason they keep goen is to try to insult me but heres the truth your some person o na comp far far far far far far far oh and FAR away from so why should i give a rats a** about what u say or think? so plz save yourself sometime and jsut dont comment because the only ones iwont delete are zetsumie and kuru...now if you wanna tlak thats different go ahead and talk i dont care just dont be a b***h then regret it, it rlly bores me to an endless limit when plp do
Lil_O_Gwennie's avatar

Report | 07/24/2007 7:31 pm


i was bored so i came up with evil cookies...you damn right it has been a while and sure.
kana_wolfdemon's avatar

Report | 07/23/2007 7:29 pm


awesome media kira....it rocks my socks lol ^-^
klay_the_fallen's avatar

Report | 07/23/2007 12:07 am


yo its klayburt..nice hack file. remember me? we helped scare off the noob who was bothering hyuuga? way back....comment back
Tachikana's avatar

Report | 07/22/2007 6:35 pm


How can you honestly back yourself up OVER THE DAMN INTERNET! i dont care if you teach Martial Arts, i dont care if you did a good accomplishment on a football team, go ahead and brag about it why dont you. What im saying, is that how can you back yourself up online huh? its not like we can find eachother and fight or whatnot huh?! i said i dont give a crap about you anymore, honestly. I DONT! just stop with this stupid arguing because your only embarressing yourself.. -_- dont comment me anymore. your judging me be how i look when you havent seen any of my skills, in the end, that WILL be your downfall. not saying i want to start a verbal fight with you but its really pretty stupid to fight online. so just shut up, dont comment me, and ill be off your damn hair, for good.
Tachikana's avatar

Report | 07/22/2007 5:39 pm


Wait, so let me get this straight. YOUR trying to act tough online? LOL!! seriously man, go ahead and THINK that i cant 'take you on' you could be dead wrong about that, and ever since the beginning, youve been nothing to me, nothing but a person who is just with My gf's best friend. nothing else. go ahead and say that i you can beat me up or whatever. i dont care. i dont know anything between you and Kaleigh's personal love life, but, i DO remember hearing from Kaleigh that you broke up with her, over some girl that wanted to go out with you. i dont know how Kaleigh still accepted you after that, but...-sigh- whatever...im done. Do what you want. i dont give a rats a** anymore..
Tachikana's avatar

Report | 07/22/2007 3:40 pm


you didnt have to go and cheat on Kaleigh you JERK, she loves you, i know she loves you. This has NOTHING to do with us not accepting you, that means nothing to Kaleigh and YOU should know that too...-_- your stupid...really really Stupid.
M i i r o i's avatar

Report | 07/22/2007 11:09 am

M i i r o i

Tisk Tisk Betch.
Tachikana's avatar

Report | 07/22/2007 11:06 am


and cant you spell its mock not 'mach' god...i ******** hate you for what you did to Kaleigh.
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Report | 07/22/2007 10:42 am


Kira....how could you...how could you cheat on Kaleigh! DUDE, YOUR SUCH AN a**!! HOW COULD YOU?! dude.......-_- ive lost everysingle strand of respect i ever had for you. now your pitiful, dont plan on not me telling Kaleigh and Mii about this, because i can.
crawl00's avatar

Report | 07/21/2007 8:52 pm


Awesome profile User Image You should check for drawing tutorials and stuff but yours are way good User Image If you need tips or something just write me and I reply you jejee Oh and thanks for the comment
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