My Info

Happily Married to Marie

Hair Colour: Jet Black
Eye Colour: Sky Blue
Skin Tone: Caramel

As the sun falls, so does the way of the world...born from darkness, A Kitsune Prince of the Fire Garden was created..considered a man of Truth, Chivalry and Honor. The Leading Shield of Nippon.He often teaches, trains, and defends Mt. Fuji, his home and kingdom. Fearsome eyes of blue fire, gentle as the ocean at peace. Well known for his knowledge of the word, symbolizing as The Blue Flame. When off Duty, he would visit the house in secret..watching the view of the temple, but it wasn't the glory of the house that caught his attention... a woman stole the heart of the Demon Fox...While loyal to his people, he'd break the laws of Nippon to see her..."I prey that Venus blesses me with this woman...Never, as long as I breathe, will she suffer my Jealousy. Never will I stand in her way...

Discord: @MikuSoulDragon#7226