IF you want to know more about me, you are at the right place! First of all, I'm a french canadian girl. Meaning that English is my second language. I'm 17 year old, and i'm going to Cégep this year. (It's the institution between secondary school and university in Quebec)

My interests are varied; I like to draw anime like persons and nature. You can find my art at trunks-01.deviantart.com
Moreover, I like to read anime. Currently, I'm reading Evangelion, Pita-ten, Yuu Watase's work, Tsubasa Chronicle and a lot more.
I'm also reading Thriller and Adventure books. Currently, I'm reading Dan Brown's latest and the Heritage serie by Terry Brooks.
Futhermore, I like my boyfriend and nature.
My favorite kind of music is japanese pop, but I like nearly everything.

On gaia, what I hate the most is to call another oldbie or newbie. I mean, it's the person behind the user that's important. I see olbie acting stupiditly, and a lot of intelligent new user. As for I, I joined gaia the 19th of october, in 2003. I wasn't really active until january 25th, when the emo bag and chain wallet were released. It is my first donation item. Currently, I'm not as active on gaia as I once was, but I still like gaia. I'm glad the website is changing to be more open. My goal on gaia is to make friend and try to lower the number of item in my wishlist -_-'.

I once sold art on gaia, but since i draw a lot less than I used to, I closed it. IF I never send you art I was supposed to do (like free art or the art of some gaians who cancelled the trade), please PM me!

To finish, I have Msn messenger, so if you want to add me, just send a pm!