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I'm Truith, basically my situation is this. I am born of a forbidden union of demon and angelic blood. My parents were killed for some unknown reason by a mysterious horde of demons and humans. I on the other hand managed to escape to Di-Lumines, the angel's capital, through some sort of gate my father had hidden in his workshop. The only objects I was left with were my father's old sword, the cloak my mother made me, and two stones containing my parents souls. Upon arrival I was brought before the Angelic council, the leaders and keepers of the city of Di-Lumines. They decided-with some persuasion from Artemis, an old colleague of my mother, and Emily my Aunt-to allow me to attend the school there called the Academy. Unfortunately before this could start I was rushed out of the city. A member of the Angelic Council wanted me dead, but it seems this was not the only reason I needed to leave the city. Apparently the Seven pillars, each housing there own element, had begun acting strangely as soon as I arrived in this world. These pillars scattered around the world could not be entered by any ordinary person, or so I was told. So I spent a year running around the world entering each pillar and calming each pillars respective element, all while being chased by the followers of the Council member who wanted me dead, and fighting golems sent in by demons who where trying to cause trouble for the angels living in this land. After this ordeal ended I was sent to the Academy as was promised me. I spent six years studying and learning. These where the most boring years of my life. I had no friends. I had nothing to do with my free time but more studying. I probably would have gone insane if it had not been for the fighting classes all students were required to take. At the end of my six years I graduated top of my class, it wasn't that I was smarter it was simply I had so much free time and nothing to do but study. The Angelic Council had me brought in again to announce that they would be sending me to different worlds to train me and make me stronger. In the end it seems all I am is a tool for them though, sent in to fight the battles they don't want to fight themselves. So I'll play the pawn, until I'm strong enough that I no longer have to take orders from them.

All right my turn. I'm the creator of the character Truith, Ryan. Since I've given so much information about my character that I think I'll keep my information short. I am 19 attampting to enter the Navy and I'm a Christian. Not the, go to church one day forget I know God exists the next day, Christian, but the actual "live by faith", "love don't judge" Christian. I don't mean to sound self-righteous it's simply that I'm tired of people who call themselves Christians but don't even try to live by the Word. Not that I'm perfect, far from, I'm a pathetic, slimy, stupid, sinful person who is constantly making mistakes. . . . hmmm I think that's enough.


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Rsnbl Faith Report | 02/05/2010 2:14 pm
Rsnbl Faith
I could give you a breakdown of the impossibility of evolution if you want and some very wonderful sites.,, Here are a few to start with.
Rsnbl Faith Report | 02/02/2010 1:24 pm
Rsnbl Faith come and check it out, its called Ever Pure = )
Rsnbl Faith Report | 01/30/2010 11:24 pm
Rsnbl Faith
excuse me are you a part of any Christian guilds. And if so, would you like to be a part of another? xD
Aeryca Heiral Report | 09/12/2009 5:59 pm
Aeryca Heiral
thank you sooo much^^
that's okey...
greetings enough for me^.~
Aeryca Heiral Report | 06/21/2009 12:34 am
Aeryca Heiral
Happy Birth Day!!!
Princess_kisa Report | 10/25/2008 6:21 am
very nice profile sweety ^^_and and your lil sis are comming to my b-day party of the 1st right?
Aiden Romance 93 Report | 02/08/2008 3:03 pm
Aiden Romance 93
Hey ryan its wade add me !
LoveMYdick Report | 12/29/2007 1:09 am
hay whats up!
Princess_kisa Report | 12/26/2007 1:10 pm
I cna't wait to see you guys again love ya ryan-kins ^^
DamonischerEngel Report | 12/25/2007 10:34 am
Who said that Itachi was yelling? 'cuz i know i didn't say that...

There are two paths in this life. One can either be a slave to sin or a sesrvant to the creator. There is no in between. I don't know about you but I'd rather be a willing servant than a slave to a force that only wishes me harm.

Truth will remain when all else has faded

Sorrow and suffering are the catalysts through which we grow stronger.

Sorry about the cursing in some of the songs but it is hard to find good secular music with no bad language.

Wisdom is the ability to use the knowledge you have to its fullest extent.

Never forget to live in the here and now.

One of lifes greatest truths is that there are some things that just can't be explained.


sane people are boring

No I'm not mentally stable is there a problem with that.


you can have wisdom without knowing God but only true wisdom comes from God.

(stares you down silently)