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Quit Gaia

Nov 11,2016
11:11pm EST

Account worth at time, 10T (three Angelic Halo's or so)

To those reading,

Thank you for such an amazing 13 years on this site, going from 1g a post to needing billions for donation items, I mean.. Monthly collectables. I remember the fantastic events back years ago, grunny' and Santa cows.
You've been an amazing family.

To a few particular friends, you'd know who you are.

I've stayed in contact with you for years.
Thank you, for being someon I can turn to even after not talking to in so long. Even if I bribed you ;D

To the one person who deserves their own spot


Without you this site would have died long ago. I hope it continues to provide countless hours of art and conversations for you as I move on from this site, as I try to close one chapter of my life that only brings back happy memories.
If you ever are in need of gold and see this, you know ways to find me. This account, all of the Items and gold we worked so hard on is yours. Just ask for the word of pass.
I will forever keep the art, be it Christmas or just art of us. The gifts, Mew and Tetra are on display. Everything you sacrificed will not be forgotten. I have dedicated a life long decision to you simply in rememberence
Thank you Blue.
Truly. I appreciate you and what you did for me over the three years.