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      Name: Haruka Mori
      Sex: Chooses to be born female
      Race: Earth Incarnate
      Age: Looks to be in her twenties but, she has lived countless lives
      Hair: Dark almost reddish brown normally, Very light green in True form
      Eyes: Brilliant green normally, Olive in True form
      Appearance: Small in stature though it hides her true strength. Save for her chest she is fairly thin. Bears a mark of twisted vines and leaves around her neck that manifests into a physical shape when she becomes her True self.
      Family: Taiyo Kaeru (Son), Aria Kaeru (Daughter), and Kairav Mori (Adopted son)
      Education: Has all the knowledge of the world since it's creation though it is deeply buried in her subconscious
      Drink: Lemonade
      Food: Lemons
      Position: Protector of the human realm and second to Tenmashu when walking his realm
      Partner: Theron a shifter
      Relationship: Masahide Kaeru
      Element: Earth
      Energy type: Earth
      Weapon of Choice: Twin Chakrams An ming (Silver meaning Peaceful Clarity) and Evrona (Gold meaning Overflowing Anger)
      Likes: Peace, Being outside, Spending time with her family
      Dislikes: Fires on large scales, Hostile interlopers in her realm
      Abilities: Mastery over earth and plants, Great strength as well as defense, Agile
      Weaknesses: Fire, Lightning, Lacking in speed

      Bio: Haruka was created when the human realm became a middle ground for the fighting between the Divine Realm and the Demon Realm. The creators had no desire to involve themselves so the Earth created Haruka to protect the balance to avoid the merging of the realms and the destruction of that universe.

      Since her creation she has done her duty but, in one life (one she only gets glimpses of) she met a young man who not only gave her the desire to wear her hair in a braid but, forced her personality to split apart. She had become stuck between her desire to save him as an attack befell his land and fighting off the intruders into her realm. Sadly the young man perished but, the impact he had on her life followed her into the others.

      In a new life she met numerous people that had begun to aid her cause. One of them she fell in love with and in time they had twin children. A few years later another child followed but, she didn't bear him. The boy's parents had been killed as a casualty and she took him in. Quickly became another son.

      By the time they were all in their teens the realm had been attacked by one of the worst foes she had ever come across. In that fight she had perished in her lover's arms and was forced to begin the cycle again. Born a new and with no memories of her lover or her children she returned to her duty about a year later.

      The threat returned and upon arriving and seeing Masahide dying, everything had been triggered at once. With the roles reversed and Masahide dead she called on all of her strength and destroyed the enemy. She returned to her children afterward and suffered great depression until Masahide returned to her but, as a demon. Not caring, she accepted him and along with all the others they have begun to gather their strength for the next enemy.
      Theme: Lateralus - Tool (Haruka Normal)
      Yet to be found (True Haruka)

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      Name: Ulaenyth Sephora
      Sex: Female
      Race: Human turned vampire
      Age: Looks 19 but, it's been centuries so she doesn't remember.
      Hair: Short and black but, her bangs are a light blue
      Eyes: Same color as the blue in her bangs but, they turned red and her pupils slit when her other personality comes out.
      Appearance: Very thin though she still has some curves. Arms have slight muscle to them but, not much.
      Family: Parents and sibling died a long time ago, Melanthe Krey (Daughter)
      Education: Not much when she was human but, she gained a lot of knowledge over the years in her wandering.
      Drink: Tea
      Food: Cheesecake
      Position: Bounty hunter for most of her life then became a soldier under Tenmashu
      Partner: None
      Relationship: Rayus Krey
      Element: Lightning
      Energy type: Lightning
      Weapon of Choice: An enchanted glass sword called Lorcan Saar, deemed unbreakable and her nails.
      Likes: Blood, Quiet, Cooking
      Dislikes: Fighting, Her other personality
      Abilities: Vampire strength and speed. Has control over her lightning though it doesn't respond correctly all the time.
      Weaknesses: Water, Defense, Can't replenish energy unless she feeds

      Bio: Ulaenyth grew up a frail being. More often then not she was bedridden because of her weakness. Of course it never brought her down. She was determined to keep herself going for as long as she could. Hoped for a miracle that would lengthen her short life though it came to her in an unexpected and horrible way.

      While living on a farm with her father and brother, (mother having died a few days after birth) she met a man named Creed. Despite the air around him she wasn't afraid. Even when he told her that he was a vampire she showed no fear. He stayed with them and she thought the two of them were in love. Went so far as she give herself to him. However she was mistaken.

      What had been taken for love was obsession and greed. Planned on using her and her power to bring the vampire society under one rule. His. He offered her a life with out end but, she had to give up her family and humanity for it. Refused and in his rage at her rejection he forcibly turned her and killed her brother when he tried to stop him. Creed left afterward, leaving her a bloodied mess and her brother a corpse. She survived the turning. Everything about her personality intact but, in her father's grief over his the loss of his son and daughter having to live a cursed life he took ill and died.

      Alone, she packed up her things, grabbed her sword and set fire to the farm and her house. Had sworn vengeance for the loss of the most important people in her life.

      In that time she realized upon feeding from an innocent person in her hunger that she couldn't feed from them. Needed people who had sinned heavily and selfishly in their lives. Made her feel like less then a monster in her lonely life.

      It was more then a century before she finally took out Creed. Even after avenging her family she'd felt empty. Completely alone in the world though she knew there were others like her out there. Took another century or so to find these people and with out hesitation she joined their cause. Among these people was a man named Rayus.

      Like her he had been cursed to live an endless life. He was scarred, inside and out just like she was. And lonely. Slowly she wiggled her way into his life. At first only wanting a companion that understood her but, it turned to love and since then all of her days have been spent by his side and his at hers.
      Theme: Blue Eyes - Within Temptation (Ulaenyth Normal)
      Mikansei to Guilt - Phantasmagoria (Ulaenyth Vampire)

    • Name: Musei Toyama
      Sex: Female
      Race: Half Human Half Wind Demon
      Age: Looks to be 23 but, she’s a little over a century. Demon blood has slowed her aging.
      Hair: A bright red usually held up in a bun by a set of knives
      Eyes: A very light grey
      Family: Marut Toyama (Father that she wishes were dead), Kaen Toyama (Little Brother), Mariko Toyama (Daughter)
      Education: Typical education though she was also taught how to be a soldier very early in life
      Drink: Water
      Food: Chicken
      Position: A high ranked soldier among Tenmashu’s ranks
      Partner: None
      Relationship: Kai
      Element: Wind
      Energy type: Wind
      Weapon of choice: Halberd named Deker Anil (Piercing Wind)
      Likes: Quiet, Training, Snow
      Dislikes: Loud people (Kai is the only exception), Heat, Father, Former teacher Irauane, Former mate Tynan
      Abilities: Because of her father she can control wind. A bloodline trait within her mother’s side allows her to control sound. Knife throwing. Inhuman strength and speed.
      Weaknesses: Lacks skill in short ranged fighting, Has a difficult time using the winds to heal, Lacking in defense

      Bio: Musei was born to a human mother and a demon father. Their village set at the base of a mountain where it snowed all year round. Her father was the leader and her mother, though she didn’t know it at the time, his unwilling mate. When she was born they thought there was something wrong. She didn’t cry out. Didn’t speak. Nothing. It wasn’t until she was training when she was a little older that they realized why. Upon being struck heavily by one of her siblings she’d let out a pained cry that knocked her sibling away with the force. Her father had been surprisingly happy and from that day on showed her more attention then the rest of her family.

      In her early teens her mother disappeared. While it had saddened her and her siblings they weren’t given much time to think about it. Their father had a firm hold over their training and slowly but, surely he could see the makings of the perfect soldiers.

      One night while she was sleeping she awoke to screams. Weapon in hand she ran outside to see her village in flames. People running about as trespassers roamed their streets killing anyone and everyone in their path. With out thinking she began striking down the assailants. Towards the back of the group she saw the leader and with him her mother. Apologies were thrown at her from the broken woman and the truth about why the clan even existed. Why she’d been born to begin with. Her father planned to annihilate the other wind demon leaders and planned on using the clan to do it. Her specifically and not just for fighting his battles but, to bear children that also contained her ability to control sound. She ran. Away from everything and everyone. Anger and hatred for being used in such a way driving her feet. Where she took refuge, news had reached her about the village. Everyone had been killed. Her mother included in the fray but, her father escaped.

      Seeing him as the reason for everyone death’s rather then blaming the man who killed them all she sought the leader of the assailants out. A man named Iruane who controlled another clan of wind demons. She’d use Iruane to get what she wanted and he could use her anyway he desired. Feeling as if it were a stab to her father he accepted her offer and branded her with his clan’s mark. On top of that after heavy training almost everyday he used her body to satisfy his needs. Once she felt there was nothing else she could learn, she left. Iruane had been angry and sent pursuers and with out his clan to protect her, her father began sending his own. None of them were able to subdue her.
      For a while she held herself up in a town where she felt she would be safe. By then she’d learned how to use telepathy to speak and while a lot of people were surprised to hear the hollow voice in their head they let it go and let her be. Save for one. Tynan. She’d done her best to push him away but, he was persistent. Though the progress was slow he became a close friend. At least until her heat cycle came around. He’d promised to keep her safe from other demons looking to mate with her but, he ended up taking her himself. With her mind lust filled she hadn’t thought about anything. Not until it was over and the rage she’d felt being forcibly mated to him had her seeing red. In retaliation she grabbed one of her knives nearby and slashed his eye, blinding him.

      Disgusted with people and disgusted with herself she left and withdrew again. The pursuits didn’t stop. Even Tynan began to track her down. Having had enough she tried finding a place that could protect her. A place she could continue to get stronger with no interruptions. Through the grapevine she’d heard about Tenmashu and she ventured there to ask to be apart of his army. Promised him she’d do whatever he wanted, thinking he’d use her like the rest but, he didn’t. He took her in with out question.

      During her stay she continuously worked with Haruka and the others. Outside of that though for the most part they left her alone, save for one. Kai. She pegged him for a loud mouthed fool. A waste of time and space. However, he was persistent. Just like Tynan had been but, he showed her repeatedly how much he cared about her. That he wanted to help her. For her to be happy. She couldn’t help but, in time find his idiocy endearing and eventually she fell in love with him. They, though by accident, ended up having a daughter. Around the same time her brother wandered into her life and though she is still struggling with pursuits she spends most of her time with her small family.
      Theme: Winter - B-Complex

More OCs

Taiyo Kaeru - Son to Masahide and Haruka. Has a younger twin named Aria, though they look nothing alike, and a younger brother Kairav who he isn't blood related. While Haruka was pregnant a power leak occurred during a time where Masahide and Tenmashu had to share a body. It gave their son the ability to not only use the earth as a weapon but, fire as well. The conflicting elements make his power unstable but, he's learning slowly to control them. On his face under his left eye is a tribal mark similar to Tenmashu's. Proof, aside from fire use, of Tenmashu's partial fathering though not by blood.

Kairav Mori - When he was young his parent's were killed as a casualty during a fight between Haruka, Masahide, and what he had come to realize were enemies. Haruka found him and feeling for the child took him in and adopted him. Though he never forgot his biological parent's Haruka and Masahide became a mother and father to him as well as Taiyo and Aria becoming siblings. Since none of them could use water he's had to learn how to hone the skill on his own. While growing up with his siblings and the other children he began developing feelings for Musei's younger half brother Kaen. His feelings were accepted but, they have yet to mate with one another.

Kaen Toyama - Younger brother to Musei, he was banished from his clan because of his weaknesses. Born with an illness that no one had been able to cure he was seen as useless and thrown away. Having heard about his sister from his father he went in search for her. It took some time but, he found her and while she had been wary at first eventually she accepted him. She began to teach him everything she knew and thanks to Rayus a cure was found for his illness. As he got older he became closer to Kairav and fell in love with him. He expressed his feelings but, until he can help his sister bring down her pursuers he won't mate with Kairav. Refuses to put him in any danger.

Theron - He was created around the same time as Haruka. Though his powers are limited to a light blast that stuns enemies and shifting his form he has acted as Haruka's guardian since the beginning of her existence. He teaches her until she comes of an age where she can fight on her own. Afterwards he takes on a more body guard like role until she dies. He has made sure her soul seed was buried after each death and awaits her return diligently. He is the one person Haruka always remembers after each awakening.


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