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Kanrah Report | 12/06/2015 12:44 pm

haha, hey brat ~ <3 *hugs back* smile

It has been some time and I saw you were on and updated your profile so I'm like... -determination - rofl cool I rarely speak to anyone but when I see old friends on I get motivated to speak to those I do care about haha. haha I didn't play the game.. since a cheap a** but I really love the game..

I've only watch pacifist plays though.. im scared to watch the genocide runs ...cause i've heard things and well it hurts my kokoro. I love undyne a lot too though I love everyone equal from the game too (I cosplayed undyne a while back when it was first getting big xD)

Oh, I am alright... put up our Christmas tree yesterday with my dad it was good and we got chinese so overall it was a good dad even though my old bones kinda hurt now haha. Other then that same old same old; sweatdrop Pft- yeah Cryaotic played undertale its thanks to him I got into like I did xD

Kanrah Report | 12/05/2015 11:43 pm
Dei !!! Hey ! you like undertale too <3 goodie heart heart

how you been ? -hugs-
Official Sasori Report | 08/16/2015 2:44 am
Official Sasori
I am having a good time with only limited days now cause of school mad lol
I hope you're having a good time as well
Ground Cinnamon Report | 07/26/2015 10:54 am
Ground Cinnamon
Oh my gawd I love your signature and then I found more cats on your profile page. I love cats too and I'm a artist! Wanna be friends? whee whee whee
Official Sasori Report | 07/16/2015 3:38 am
Official Sasori
I'm good and you? you look like a girl even before dei
you're the girly man of the akatsuki :3
Official Sasori Report | 06/19/2015 6:29 am
Official Sasori
hey! the shock of what?
cute avi by the way
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 06/10/2015 6:24 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
Well it's afternoon here now
kinda evening ish?
what time is it over there?
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 06/10/2015 6:16 am
Moonlight Rose JoJo
Good morning~~
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 06/09/2015 11:09 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
emotion_facepalm emotion_facepalm emotion_facepalm
The reason you're not getting it is cause of people like me...
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 06/09/2015 10:28 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
I'm so behind on... Everything emotion_facepalm
This is why I should never do commissions
I never get around to them cause I suddenly get busy or I'm not in the mood after I'm not busy and Ughhh I just can't force myself to do it

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