lele .

hey my name lele i knoe its funny huh? [[[aka techno queen or neon brights]]]

SC3NE kiidd!!!

i AM A CAMbOdiAN/tAii-MEXikAN with blACk/hAWiiAN!

i REP fAMilY ANd bUddiEZ BUT N0 GANGZ! i hAVE A liFE thAt WANtZ t0 fUfill itZ 0WN GANG 0R MEANiNG!

iM A i.N.d.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.t:SillY GiRl!:CRAZY:l0VElY :j0kiNG-fUll kiNd 0f ChikAZ!!EVEN th0UGh M0St 0f MY jOkEZ G0 WAY 0Ut 0f hANd l0lZ!!!!

bUT iTZ VERY fUN t0 bE MYSElf bECAUSE i'M AblE t0 bE WEiRD bUt hAPPY At thE SAME tiME