A poem I found about my favorite EI.
~Reve Rouille~ By Roi Rouille

On the beach found and rusted,
By a person whose most distrusted.
Together their dreams hold melancholic themes,
Lined with red and gold agleam.

A tiny top hat found with him,
Rusty cogs encrusted within.
Dance the shadows that fill the brim,
To the beat of taps from golden limbs.

Its maker was found beyond the sea
In a world created by pepper-tea
Although this story has an entrance fee
It can be found in the cash shop: La Victoire.

A breakdown of Animus Mortuus

Stand-Up Comedy
Pokemon(I know, nerd raight?)
The Simpsons
The Avatar
Free Stuff
Color Coordination
Invader Zim
Caffeine (hopelessly addicted and loving it)

The Color Yellow
Stepping on Rakes *Hyuuuurghh*
The Wilderness
The Summer
Fanny Packs
The Word "Tangerine"
The Term "LoL"-If you use it, I don't like you.

Age sad as of now)15
Orientation:Straight (but i've always wanted to be Bi, so many more options)
Height sad as of now) 5,9


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Rosis Faen

Report | 07/17/2009 6:37 am

Rosis Faen

User Image

User Image >_> You and I are the same height...random information. XD

User ImageQ u e s t i n g // Reve RouilleUser Image
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 9:22 am

Albtraum Opfer

lol ok i guess
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 9:18 am

Albtraum Opfer

no i mean what do they have [the items you want]
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 9:14 am

Albtraum Opfer

lol well what does that do anyway?
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 9:05 am

Albtraum Opfer

oh lol xD my bad.
-takes aspirin-
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 9:02 am

Albtraum Opfer

. . . . omg you just confused me like wow! my head hurts now >.<
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 8:58 am

Albtraum Opfer

and thats where?
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 8:50 am

Albtraum Opfer

lol signature? of?
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 8:45 am

Albtraum Opfer

lol i see. well i got a nightmare xD and now im waiting for masquerades next evo
Albtraum Opfer

Report | 07/14/2009 8:42 am

Albtraum Opfer

lol lucky
thing is that you cant sell anything back now :/