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My Rantings of Everything...and Nothing at the Same Time.

Uerukamu, hiken waga nikki nanitozo.


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Akamaru and Kirara Unite!
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I'm a big manga and anime fan. I just got into the D-N-Angel series and it rocks! I have read the Tokyo Mew Mew series even though I am a boy. It was O.K. I used to watch Cardcaptors, but when they took it off the air, they took it out of my life sad . Inuyasha is my favorite anime show.Zatch Bell, Nartuo, and Teen Titans (if you can call teen titans manga or anime) are also really cool. I will eventually buy the books for Zatch Bell, Inuyasha and Naruto. FMA rocks! As you can see, Miroku is my favorite anime and manga character ever. My second favorite is Kiba Inuzuka from Naruto. Of the teams on Naruto, Team 8 is my favorite (Kiba, Hinata, Shino, and Kurenai).

If you are wondering about the character that I have made up, he looks like my normal avatar (except for the dragon on his head). His name is Mokuzou, Trip, and he is an 18-year-old witch who is 6"4', and weighs 132 lbs. He has the power over the element of wood. This allows him to control all plants because...Wood comes from trees...Trees come from seeds...All plants come from seeds, so if I can control seeds, then he can control plants. He also has super agility powers also, so he can jump really high and fight very well. This also gives him great acrobatic skills. He was born with his powers, but he started training at the age of 5. He studied with masters of magic in a temple that he was sent to. Most of his teachers were Magi and Witches, but there were a couple of Druids thrown in. He concentrated mostly on his active powers, so his spells, potion making, etc. aren't as strong as they could be, but he has advaced in his powers to the extent of taking the life out of plants and transfering it into a something else. This allows him to heal. He is good at potion making and has many spells, but he just isn't as good as he could be. His staff is call the Jou no Uddo, and he has blessed it to withstand most magic, and he stores magic in it in case he runs out. If none of these things help him, he just beats people with it, or he uses special Kunai Knives that are charmed to almost alway meet their target. The little Dingo with him is his familiar, named Ibara, and has been with him since he was born. He doesn't have any magical properties, except that the longer he is with Trip, the more their bond grows. Trip's powers are controled by emotions, and if he gets to angry, his eyes turn bright green and he is consumed by rage to the extent that plants all around him can attack people or grow to great extents. He doesn't need to control his emotions too drastically, he is pretty optimistic, nice, funny, and sarcastic person and this rage state rarely consumes him. The funny thing is that he first had this "feral stage" (as he calls it) consume him was when he was three years old, and his mom wouldn't give him a cookie before dinner time. Almost all of the wooden objects in the house (luckily not the house itself) died leaving nothing but an ash-like substance. To get the entire story, read my journal entry titled, "Trip Mokuzou's Story".

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If you are interested in an anime avatar, or avi art, then PM DivinePhoenix for them. She does great work, like that of my Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kirara, and Sango.


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