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Birthday: 10/06

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yum_candy Hi there, My name is Trinity

Its been a year now since I started Gaia biggrin

I am still learning new things.

I am not logged in all the time emotion_heartbroken
So I am still kinda new lol

anyway, I got a lot fun times ahead of me!. emotion_awesome

Yippy for me, I got my trading pass!!! heart

so . . . Um yeah now its off to sell some stuff and get some coins. Then its off to visit this marketplace!

also a um . . . big shout out to all the epic people here on Gaia that have helped me out big time! your guys rock!!!!! emotion_bigheart heart heart emotion_bigheart

Items for sale. Come take a peek if you will . . . Um yeah you might find something good I hope lol



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ThePaintersShadow Report | 05/29/2020 12:45 am
Hi trinity, how have you been?
DarkRybrin Report | 05/26/2020 9:05 pm
I would love to see drawing if you do some! Maybe I will practice a bit with you? I've often wanted to draw too, but it's hard to find time sometimes with school and work.
DarkRybrin Report | 05/26/2020 7:22 pm
And having changes in your schedule, varying up your activities and not doing the same thing every day, will help you from feeling sad, too. There's nothing wrong with a little self-maintenance so you can stay healthy, and be strong for those around you.
DarkRybrin Report | 05/26/2020 7:09 am
It's important to vary your schedule and take a few minutes to realize that things around you aren't so bad. The quiet, common majority isn't profitable to report on, and it's very much worth noticing. Gaia can definitely have it's good parts too, social interaction in these cautious times.
DarkRybrin Report | 05/26/2020 12:03 am
Definitely do not watch the news. They make a lot of money by making people scared and sensationalizing things. Get away from the tv, read a book or play a game, something completely unrelated to what is going on outside. You can make yourself sick by paying too much attention to the wrong sources. Take solace in the fact that you're doing the best to control your situation, and keep others safe around you, and that you can encourage others to do better too.
DarkRybrin Report | 05/25/2020 11:46 pm
The unholy trinity of terrible. I'm sorry. Is something keeping you up, and contributing to the others?
DarkRybrin Report | 05/25/2020 11:23 pm
Time is the issue.

Sleep soon? Or is it more mental and emotional weariness? I can understand that.
DarkRybrin Report | 05/25/2020 10:48 pm
Ah, is something a little bit wrong, for you to pause? I was maybe overly ambitious with which summer classes I took in addition to the farm work, but we'll see.
DarkRybrin Report | 05/24/2020 11:34 pm
Thank you for dropping by! I'm well. A little stressed with summer class type stuff, but well. How are you doing?
ThePaintersShadow Report | 05/23/2020 1:01 pm
hello trinity, thank you for the fish. super cute cat snail.

To the people that have anonymously given me Items:
I don't know your name, but um . . . yeah if you happen to see this.
Thank you very much!!!! YOUR EPICLY AWESOME!
And to the people that have names,
I um . . . thanked you in pm's and in my thread,
but I am gonna say it again here too.